Watch Out! Heavy Enforcement on Back Beach Road

Panama City Beach has reduced the speed limits on some sections of Back Beach Road to 45 miles an hour due to construction.
And now, the grace period is over for those speeding.

"Now is the time that we're going to start the enforcement. We spent three weeks educating people about the speed,” said Panama City Beach Officer Shaun Maguadog. “Now it's time to give citations if need be."

Authorities at the Department of Transportation said the speed limit will go back to exactly the way it was before construction began, 45 in some areas, like in front of Pier Park and 55 in others. But for now, more officers are out patrolling the area.
"There are people looking at you on Back Beach Road," Panama City Beach Mayor Gayle Oberst said.

And if they catch you, it is going to cost you, speeding fines in construction zones are higher.

Police said they are not trying to see how many tickets they can write, they just want to keep drivers safe.

The entire construction job should be completed by the fall of 2014.