Water Main Pipe Fixed

BAY COUNTY-- Bay County Utility Officials have completed repairs on a broken water main.

They began repairs at midnight Tuesday morning and finished around 7 am.

The 36-inch water main originates at the county's water plant on Transmitter Road, and supplies water to northern sections of the county, like Southport, Lake Merial, Rivercamps and West Bay.

Crews discovered the leak in the pipe 13 days ago on a section of the line near the Deer Point Dam.

They made temporary repairs, but decided to put-off the permanent repairs until the following Monday, to make sure the beach had adequate water for the weekend.

"We needed a bigger and different piece of equipment in order to make the final repairs on it . So they were able to accomplish that last night. We're glad to say that it's finished now so folks can get back to their normal routine," said Valerie Sale, Bay County PIO

A precautionary water boil is still in effect for the next 48 hours.