Water Boil Advisory Now Lifted for Bay County

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BAY COUNTY-- UPDATE 1:00 p.m.: The boil water notice for residents in the Rivercamps and Lake Merial areas has been lifted.

The bacteriological survey results came back saying the water is safe to drink.

The work to repair a break in a water main at Deer Point bridge has failed.

Bay County crews began the repairs around midnight Monday night, but realized they had the wrong replacement parts.

Water boil advisories for parts of Bay County have residents concerned for their health.

"I'm still young, kinda healthy, I want to know that when I drink the water here I'm not gonna end up in the hospital somewhere and possibly dead, because of my lack of knowledge of a boil notice.," said Lake Merial resident Scott Schneider.

Some residents say the biggest problem they have is knowing when boil advisories are in affect.

"Actually I had no idea until my roommate told me last night," said Schneider.

But others say there may be a simple solution. "To make sure the water boil notice is out there send it to our cell phone, it should be simple," said Lake Merial resident Jerry Waterman.

The pipe burst last week and crews thought they would have it repaired by now, but were unsuccessful Monday night.

"We brought the pressure back up and what we found was that there was a slight hairline crack along the seam," said Bay County Director of Utilites Paul Lackenmacher.

So they will return Friday to prepare a bigger hole, remove the bad joint, and replace it.

Until it's fixed residents in these areas should be aware of the boil advisories, which has some residents pretty upset.

"It just makes it questionable for people from out of town, and those who have lived here are just so used to it, they don't even bother to look anymore, it's getting sad," said Schneider.

Once again, county officials don't want to start repairs until Monday, due to high weekend water demands at the beach. The precautionary boil water notice will remain in affect at least through tonight.