Wausau's First 4th Of July Parade

Today they've added another summer tradition, their very first Fourth of July parade.

Brandon Rook was there and took in all of the action.

"It was short but it was sweet."

Lasting only fifteen minutes, the inagural July 4th parade for Wausau turned out to be a huge success.

"I think it turned out really well. I was proud to see how many people turned out. I was afraid that there wouldn't be that many to come," said Marlene Blount, spectator.

"It's nice. I enjoyed the popsicles that they hand out. We needed those it was warm," said Roxanne Bush, spectator.

Roxanne Bush, a Wausau resident for more than 35 years was very pleased with the parade which celebrated America's independence.

"Well it's nice to watch it. Usually we're in it because I'm in the gardening club and usually we're in the parade so I've never had a chance to watch a parade."

For Bush, getting to experience a different perspective of the parade was an honor and privilege.

For others this was seen as a great way to build unity among others.

"You just have to get involved and try to build up the community and give them something to celebrate."

"I think people enjoy coming out and visiting with the community here. A lot of people from surrounding towns come and you get to see everyone and it's like a reunion kind of."

A small reunion that comes around the perfect time to celebrate America's birthday.

"It exceeded my expectations, especially with it being the first and with a lot of people doing things with family."

Wausau's next big event will be the 45th Annual Possum Festival next month.