Wausua Celebrates 45th Annual Possum Festival

WAUSUA-- Thousands of people visited Wausua Saturday to enjoy food, music and, of course, possum at the 45th Annual Possum Fest.

The festival is a Wausua tradition where locals and tourists can join in the fun.

Candidates running for political office also say it's also a prime spot to campaign, especially in this election year.

The event features competitions including hog and rooster calling.

But only one person is crowned the "Possum King," and this year Dereck Blount won for the second year in a row.

He says the main purpose behind the event is to celebrate the possum and its history in the community.

"During hard times, the possum was a staple in people's lives especially during the depression era when there wasn't much to eat. The possum kept a lot of things going on," Blount said.

The festival wraps up at 8 p.m. Saturday, so there's still time to head over and try some possum for yourself.