Website Guides Children to Run Away

There have been several runaways in the past few weeks in our area, leaving some wondering, why are they doing it?
Sadly, with the quick click of a mouse, kids can find a website glamorizing running away from home.
It is websites like,
It claims to teach young kids how to travel, live, sleep all without a dime and all on the run.
But it is not glamorous, and many children are left on the streets, subject to dangers worse than what they are running from.
Last year 25 runaways ended up at the Anchorage Children's Home in Bay County and more than 100 other kids used the counseling services with their families.
Many of those children say they would have run away from home if it were not for the help they are receiving.
"If you're an adult and you know of a child who is telling you they have a problem, just don't fluff it off and believe they must just be complaining,” said Steve Blumenthal, the executive director of the Anchorage Children’s Home. “If they are coming to you, you need to listen,"
It is illegal to house a runaway in Florida.

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