Well Water Safety After Flooding

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28,000 people in Bay County rely on wells for their water, drinking and irrigation.

Those with wells that flooded this week will now have to deal with possible bacterial contamination.

"They want to make sure they take precautions to disinfect the well and have the water tested before using it," said Joseph Scully, the water program supervisor at the Bay County Health Department.

You can use chlorine bleach to disinfect the well and your plumbing. Then you have to test the water.

You can do that yourself, by picking up a container, any weekday at your local county health department.

Health officials also warn against letting children play in the sitting water.

"That water could be contaminated with bacteria," said Scully. "If you have a manhole in the street that's flooded you could have sewage up through there."

You also need to test the water in your swimming pool before allowing anyone to swim in it.