Westboro Protesters Greeted with Opposition

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The protesters from Westboro Baptist Church made their presence known in our area Tuesday, but they were not the only ones making some noise.
The group was met with big opposition from the community.
They began marching outside of Tyndall Air Force Base.
"Yesterday was Memorial Day, when all the military people were worshiped above God,” said Steve Drain with the Westboro Baptist Church. “You have more respect for people who died for a nation of sin than you do for the God who made you."
"I think it's a little hypocritical for them to come on the base of the people that protect them and are protecting them right now," said Robyn Johnson as she protested against the Westboro Baptist Church.
People like Major Anthony McCarty, who helped make it possible for them to protest peacefully on the base.
"My personal beliefs are irrelevant in this case. We just want to make sure we provide a safe and secure environment where they can practice their first amendment right," said Major McCarty, commander of the 325th security forces squadron.
The protesters then moved to Harrison Avenue, outside of Bay High School.
This time they were met with more than 70 gay-pride supporters.
Supporters like 12-year-old Gabryal Wright and his sister Alexandra Peck. "We're supporting the gay team,” said Wright. “It’s not right that the people protesting against the gay team can go everywhere and say gays are mean and God hates them. They're not mean and they're people too."
Westboro said their goal is not to get homosexuals or anyone else to repent for their sins, but to preach and spread the word of God.
They will be stopping next in Lakeland, Florida.

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