County Commission Considers Wewahitchka Courthouse

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Gulf County Commissioners are trying to figure out how to renovate the historic County Courthouse in Wewahitchka without displacing the current tenant.

Until a few months ago, the courthouse was home to several of the county's constitutional officers and the North Florida Child Development program.

The constitutional officers have moved to a newer building which means the county can no longer pay for all of the building's upkeep.

Sharon Gaskin has worked in the historic county courthouse for more than twenty years.

N. Florida Child Development, Inc CEO Sharon Gaskin says, "It would be a travesty to close something that so many people walked through and created this small community, were so influential in creating such an important piece of our history."

She approached the Gulf County Commissioners Tuesday, she be named the building's new caretaker.

Gaskin says, "I do know that the county is willing to work things out with us as far as being a tenant. What we offered to them would be a win-win situation."

The building's elevator, telephones, air conditioning, have to be maintained, and mold and mildew has to be controlled.

County Commissioners say they believe they an reach a healthy compromise can.

Gulf County Attorney Jeremy Novak says, "The folks in the community are just starting to learn the issue and are starting to understand, and from what the commissioners have received from their constituents is, you know, i think there's an overriding feeling that they all want there to be some cooperation."

Gaskin says, "I think just working closer with them, and just working out the details."

Gulf County Commissioners plan to cease paying the building's utility costs on October 1st.