Wewahitchka Residents at the Mercy of Mother Nature

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Wewahitchka residents are at the mercy of mother nature. Flood waters continued to creep closer to doorsteps Wednesday, and sandbags were about the only defense.

"How many sandbags have you guys already given out today?" NewsChannel 7's Bryan Anderson asked City Manager Don Minchew.

"You see the trailer, it's about half empty, and there's another pile by the gate. Plus the county has staged some sandbags in the Howards Creek area also," Minchew said.

According to Minchew waters were rising as fast as half an inch per hour, high enough in some places to close portions of eight roads. Another area of concern Wednesday night was Lake Grove Road.

Minchew said even though the water rise slowed to around a quarter inch per hour Wednesday, by no means were they out of the woods yet.

"I won't give you a definitive because there's just too many variables that come into play."

The flooding is a result of heavy rains Sunday and Monday that caused both the Chipola and Apalachicola Rivers to swell well over their banks. Wewahitcka sits between both, a reason why locals said they're not stressed, just keeing a close eye.

"I don't like to overreact. Nobody that's out here overreacts, we're used to it. About every four years you get something like this," Mayor Phillip Gaskin said.

Their patience will be tested as the situation could get worse before it gets better. The rivers may not crest until Friday and all residents can do is watch and wait.

"In 2005 there were about 30 houses up here that actually got water in them, and all indications we may be approaching that 2005 level," said Minchew.

Stay tuned to wjhg.com and NewsChannel 7 for updates on road closures and if emergency officials order any evacuations.