What Is The Future for Brad Hall in Mexico Beach

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Mexico Beach Police Chief Brad Hall was supposed to retire next Tuesday. But now Hall says he's changed his mind.

Hall told NewsChannel 7 today there are to many issues city officials have left undecided. So Hall says he wants to extend his employment until those issues are resolved.

Last April, the city changed its charter, allowing City Administrator Chris Hubbard to make the decision in employment cases like this. Hubbard told NewsChannel 7 that, as far as he's concerned, Hall's original letter of retirement is still in effect. However, Hubbard also said he'll leave the decision regarding hall's status up to the city council.

Al Cathey, Mexico Beach Mayor, told us, "This is a rather an unusual situation the city was caught of guard by that. It's the position of the city at this time that Mr. Hall will be retired October second."

The next council meeting is set for October 3rd, the day after hall's initial retirement date.

Hall says he plans to fight for his job, and is questioning the legal authority of a city administrator to have that much power over this employment decision.

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