What is All That Yellow Stuff on Our Cars?

PANAMA CITY-- Like many this week, when John Hudson walked out his door, he noticed it was time to get the car washed.

"There was a lot of pollen, and my car turns from white to gold if i don't keep it washed during pollen season," said Hudson.

That golden coating on cars is pine pollen. Surprisingly, most people are not even allergic to it.

"The people that have allergies, only about 13 percent are allergic to pine pollen, and that's related to the large size of it. So the things you are usually allergic too are ragweed and dust mites, you can't see them. But pine pollen's size makes it less of an allergen," said Dr. Randall Humphreys.

It is less of an allergen, but more profitable for area car washes.

"We get the cars coming in and they will be covered in yellow pollen, I mean pretty bad. So we have to clean them up. They have to get their cars cleaned more often with the pollen in the air," said Aaron Jurena of Wash Me Now Inc.

As for those dealing with those seasonal allergies like juniper and ragweed, doctor's orders are simple.

"Know what you are allergic too and try to decrease your exposure and take your allergy medications," said Humphreys.

According to forecasts, the pollen count will peak on Thursday this week, with juniper and oak being the predominant pollens.