What's Coming Out of the Zimmerman Verdict in Bay County

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Members of the Bay County Chapter of the NAACP met Sunday afternoon to discuss their next steps toward justice for Trayvon Martin.

The theme of the meeting was taking things from anger to action, and pain to power.

While at the meeting, residents were urged by officials to sign the organization's petition asking the Department of Justice to open an investigation into whether or not Trayvon Martin's Civil Rights were violated.

They also took up an offering to be sent to the Dream Defenders in Tallahassee.

The encourage anyone in support of the cause to give money to the Trayvon Martin Foundation, and write letters to State Representatives and others that they feel are the victim of social injustices.

While all in attendance were pleased with the message, some feel that more needs to be done by residents.

"I have been dealing with political situations here in Bay County since I was two-years-old and it seems like we don't have the interest we should have in such situations in our lives," says Lois Barker a local resident.

"We really want our community to get involved and do something to make a difference and the things that we really want to accomplish is we want to see the Stand Your Ground law repealed or at the very least amended," said Reverend Dr. Rufus Wood Jr.

Another big push from the group was helping to educate residents, register them to vote, and encourage them to participate in the political process.