What’s Up With Jameis?

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. Fallout from the sexual assault allegations into FSU’s Heisman winning quarterback is ongoing – 16 months after the alleged incident occurred. A federal probe could land the university in some serious hot water.

In the same week Florida State's national championship football team was honored at the Capitol, the university is being investigated by the United State Department of Education’s Office of Civil Rights. The probe stems from fallout from the Jameis Winston sexual assault investigation from last year.

The Heisman winning quarterback had no criminal charges brought against him. The federal department of wants to know if the university violated a title IX law. Title 9 requires the institution to "promptly respond to sexual violence complaints"

If Florida State is found to have violated the law, they could lose their federal funding. It's never happened before. But title IX lawyer Rick Johnson says don’t count it out. “Oh it’s serious stuff, and the fact that federal funds have never been taken away doesn’t mean that they won’t ever be taken away, and there’s a publicity downside.”

Florida State's response was short. A spokeswoman stated "Florida State has been notified of the OCR investigation; however, due to the federal and state privacy laws the university cannot comment.

Students on campus want the issue to be over. Tyler Zimmerman says, “I’m just kinda tired of hearing about it for the most part. What’s done is done I feel like.”

Justin Manderville commented: “I thought it was over and done with. We’ll have to wait and see what happens.”

Winston’s accuser is no longer enrolled at FSU

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