When Should You Go To The Gym?

At the start of each new year, gyms see a surge in membership as people try to reach their new fitness goals. Gold's Gym in Panama City Beach is already seeing the largest crowds of the season. But, while some pursue the body of their dreams, gym regulars can see these newbies as their nightmare.

"All the treadmills will be full. You don't want to do cardio that day. So you do a couple sets here and there. You go home thinking you could have done more because you don't want to wait around for two hours," says long time gym member Dylan James Anderson.

To avoid the big crowds, trainers suggest changing your workout times. The early morning and after work rush are the busiest times at the gym. For those with flexible schedules, the best time for working out is mid-morning. Moving your workout to your lunch hour is another option to help make sure your favorite machine is open.

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