Will Milk Prices Sky Rocket without a Federal Farm Bill?

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Marianna- There have been stories about milk prices increasing to to $30 a gallon, and apparently there was some basis of fact in those stories.

"The scare tactic of reverting back to a 1949 legislation setting milk at the price of upwards of $30 a gallon has been used, but it's simply a scare tactic. That won't happen" Cindale Farm Co-Owner, Dale Eades explained.

With the Syrian military strikes dominating congress' attention, lawmakers have appeared unable to address the farm bill. Eades said he doubted a $30 dollar a gallon threat would speed up the process.

"I think people are a little bit smarter than that. I don't think our politicians are," he laughed, "but I think the people voting for them are. They realize that's not going to become a reality."

In fact, Eades said the farm bill had little impact on his dairy operation.

"We're in a unique position in agriculture," he explained, "we're not dependent on the farm bill for a lot of stuff. It does set our general frame work under which we work, but other than that we're kind of on our own."

If congress does not pass the 2013 Farm Bill by September 30, Eades said the Secretary of Agriculture would set milk prices. But, no bill meant Eades could not receive relief funds for his hay crop, which he said was down by as much as 90% because due to wet weather.

"We actually have not cut hay yet this year. We will have to rely on some purchased hay, if we can find it and then some green forage that will grow through the winter."

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