Williams Denied Youthful Offender Status

Panama City, FL---There's bad news for Arnold alum and former Alabama football player Eddie Williams.

He's been denied "youthful offender" status by a judge in Tuscaloosa. That means Williams, who turned 21 in September, will face two felony robbery counts as an adult.

As a youthful offender, his case would have been sealed, and prison time and-or probation limited. As an adult he faces more severe penalties and prison time.

Williams, while in the company of three other teammates, is charged with robbing and beating two fellow students back in February. He's also charged with carrying a gun without a license following a disturbance at a Tuscaloosa gas station. Those three teammates may still get youthful status, though that's not certain.

All that got Williams and the others kicked off the team and out of the University. Eddie's back living in Bay County while he awaits trial and tries to get his life in order.