Wine by the Gallons

Your favorite glass of wine may soon be served out of a keg. A new Florida law allows restaurants and bars to serve wine from a 5-gallon keg. One wine keg holds 26 bottles of wine.

“This is really something customers have asked us for. People like to be able to order by the glass when they go to a restaurant. Having it in kegs makes it easier for restaurants to do that,” said John Fleming.

Shula’s Restaurant is just one Florida Company that’s looking into the options of buying wine by keg.

“Obviously the law is newly passed, so we’re in a pattern where wine distributors are feeling their way through it,” said Steve Adams.

A lot of other alcohol is already placed in 5-gallon kegs; like this whiskey keg. It’s expected the wine kegs will be made out of metal.

Because wine can spoil after being open a few days, many eateries and bars throw out half-empty wine bottles. The kegs will keep the wine to fresher… longer. Saving money for distributors, restaurants and customers.

“We see it as a great opportunity to give the consumer a better choice, hopefully at a better price,” said Adams.

A bi product of the new law: less trash in Florida’s landfills. One estimate is that there will be 350-thousand fewer wine bottles dumped in landfills every year.

“There’s less waste when you do it this way,” said Fleming.

Distributors and restaurants are still early in the planning process on the changes. Look for wine kegs to be a reality around the first of the year.

Wine kegs are already legal in 48 other states.

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