Winston Sea Food Theft

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. The video of Jameis Winston walking out of Publix without paying for more than 30 dollars of seafood is out. Winston told cops he forgot to pay, but you can be the judge.

Leon County Sheriff’s Office released this video Thursday. It shows multiple angles of Winston walking into the store, taking crab legs, and meandering through Publix.

Maj. Mike Wood of LCSO said on April 30th, “He left without paying. I can’t see inside of his head to know what he was thinking. With that being said, it warrants a civil citation for petty theft.”

Winston told cops he forgot to pay for more than 30 dollars worth of crab legs and seafood. He was briefly suspended from the baseball team because of it, had to pay for the food, and do 20 hours of community service.

Winston told cops that he meant to buy butter with the crab legs but realized he never needed it. So he left it at Publix. But officers never found it.

That’s just one of the details in a police report that also stated it looked like Winston appeared to purposely avoid a deputy.

Winston’s lawyer said it was a dumb move by his client, but isn’t buying that the quarterback was ducking police.

“When he leaves the store, in the report there’s some evidence or some indication that he hesitated and tried to avoid a deputy. That is not true. That is completely inaccurate, ” says attorney Tim Jensen.

Jansen hadn’t seen the video until it was released. He says Winston didn’t do the right thing anyway. “He forgot to pay, I don’t know what he was thinking, what he was doing, he realized it when he got home and at that point he should have went back.”

When he was originally cited, Winston responded in a written statement chalking the crime up to youthful ignorance.

Jameis Winston has since been reinstated to the baseball team and has completed his Adult Civil Citation Program.