Winston's Woes

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. The incident report filled out by deputies regarding Jameis Winston’s theft of crab legs doesn’t paint the picture of a forgetful shopper. The quarterback seemed to be evading defenders off the field.

When Jameis Winston walked out of a Tallahassee Publix without paying for 32 dollars of seafood last week, he told officers it was a mental lapse.

Maj. Mike Wood of Leon County Sheriff’s Office said, “He told the deputies that he did not pay for the items, he forgot.”

But the incident report based on surveillance video lead a responding deputy to believe Winston was being elusive. The report says Winston paused near a deputy who was in the grocery store. It goes on to say the pause appeared to be an attempt to avoid walking in front of the Deputy.

“I don’t have a crystal ball, I can tell you that he did exit the store, the items were not paid for, he was issued a civil citation,” says Major Wood of LCSO.

The civil citation was issued because Winston did not have a prior record. DISC village coordinated his punishment, which includes community service.

Jordan Cowart is an Adult Civil Citation Director. “We receive the referral and then the offender makes contact with our program to set up a time to do an assessment to figure out what’s going on in that person’s life, what are the needs, how can we help them.”

The Heisman winning quarterback traded out a football for a mop to complete his community service.

Winston completed four 5 hour shifts as maybe the most famous janitor to ever work at the YMCA says Ray Purvis the Capitol Region YMCA President. “He did custodial work for us, he did a lot of cleaning around the branch, he visited with some of our members as well, and, by all accounts, he took care of what he needed to do.”

Winston’s attorney echoed what he said last week, saying the incident was stupid, and Winston could have paid for the dinner.

Winston told police that he picked up butter to go with his meal, but didn’t walk out of the store with it. The report says officers could not locate the butter at the store, but a Publix employee may have returned it to the proper place before police arrived.

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