Wish Granted for Cystic Fibrosis Survivor and Panama City Native

PANAMA CITY BEACH-- One Panama City local was granted a very special wish Saturday.

Eighteen-year-old Morgan Clarke and his family were picked up Saturday morning, and taken to Gamestop in Pier Park, where Morgan received a shopping spree through the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

Morgan has cystic fibrosis, an illness he's been dealing with since he was seven months old.

And with constant treatment, Make-A-Wish representatives and Morgan's mother say they were excited he got to spend the day doing something special for himself.

"One of the reasons we haven't worked with someone who is older," Make-A-Wish Wish Granter Marcia Croom said. "He was 17 when we met him, and that was intriguing to us. We wanted to see what someone older would do. He was local in Panama City. Most of the other wishes I have done, lived outside of town."

"We just got out of the hospital yesterday. He was he was there for 18 days and they were going to keep him, but we knew we had Make-A-Wish today, and they let us leave. We are doing his antibiotics the next ten days," Tia Clarke, Morgan's mother, said

Morgan picked out more than $3,000 worth of gaming merchandise.

Those items included a PS4, an Xbox and multiple games to go along with the consoles.