Woman Accuses Landlord of Requesting Sexual Favors

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Kelly and Jeffrey Layne have lived off Palo Alto in Panama City for almost a year, but by the end of October, they say they'll be living out of their car.

According to the local couple, their landlord is evicting them for not paying their rent since July, but Kelly says there is more to the story.

According to Layne, the couple's landlord Thomas Sterrett had begun coming to her job so she could sign her paychecks over to him for the rent, but things began to get out of hand when he allegedly started showing up at her house when her husband wasn't there.

She says on July 22, Sterrett came to her job and asked her for sexual favors since her rent was late. Layne used her cellphone to record the alleged conversation with him and then took it to the Bay County Sheriff's Office to press charges.

Sterrett, however, denies the allegations, saying that if the case goes to trial that he would be proven innocent. He says that he has been more than generous with the couple and that they've lived "basically rent free" since July.

The couple says they have sold virtually all their possessions, living out of 7 duffel bags in preparation for the eviction.

Sterrett has sued the couple for the remaining amount of their rent plus late fees and any damages to their home.

The Bay County Sheriff's Office confirmed there was a case between the two parties, but said due to the nature of the investigation, they could not comment.

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