Fire Spreads from Woods to Area Home

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PANAMA CITY BEACH-- A woods-fire quickly spread climbing the side of a house here in Panama City Beach.

Bay County Fire Rescue responded to the fire around 7 p.m. in a gated community off of Lagoon Drive, across from Captain Anderson's.

Fire rescue officials say it was just a woods-fire when they received the call from neighbors. It started in a vacant lot, but it quickly jumped fences making its way along the side of a house.

Officials say all fire damage remains along one side of the home and in part of the attic.

There was nobody in the house, but when crews arrived on the scene they saw neighbors trying to put out the fire.

"There were people here, actually get started on with a garden house trying to keep it off the house, but the garden house just wasn't big enough to accomplish anything," Capt. Tim Howard of Bay County Fire Rescue said.

Crews are still determining the cause of the fire.