Wounded Warriors Ride Through Panama City Beach

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More than 200 wounded veterans and active military personnel are involved in a unique event that brought them to Panama City Beach Thursday.
They are riding bikes from New Orleans to Tallahassee as part of the Gulf Coast Challenge, a part of Ride2Recovery.
They have logged more than 300 miles since Monday, when they began the challenge.
"This organization is all about treating the invisible injury. A lot of guys who come back look and seem to be 100% fine, but a lot of us have traumatic brain injuries and you couldn't tell by looking at us,” said Hunter Stoneking. “It hinders us from connective with people in our daily lives."
"The things that are obvious are the amputees and the serious burns,” said David Haines, the CEO of Ride2Recovery. “But some of the hallmarks of this conflict have been PTSD and post concussive syndrome, traumatic brain injury."
Many of them said the camaraderie is the biggest benefit of the ride.
"This almost replicates being a military unit and sharing hardship and challenges," said Haines.
The group will have traveled more than 370 miles by the time they reach Tallahassee Friday.