Wounded Warrior's Wives Get Pampered

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It's easy to forget the spouses and caregivers of wounded warriors.

"My husband, he is a great man. He went off to Iraq in 2003 and he was an attentive father, a great husband, I mean--he had taken care of everything for us," says Amanda Navarro. "And when he came home, he was a different man. Unrecognizable."

Navarro's husband had post-traumatic stress disorder.

"My son developed deep vein thrombosis that travels from his legs to his lungs and cut the flow of oxygen to his body," began Valence Scott. "No pulse for 30 minutes. In his notes, it said it was clinically dead for 30 minutes."

Thursday morning, women like Navarro and Scott were treated to complimentary spa services for the Warrior Beach Retreat. Services ranged from facials and massages to hair styling.

For each of the participants, the treat was an incredible way to spend the morning.

"Overwhelming! Every time someone does something nice for you, you want to cry and hug them," exclaimed Navarro.

Although the women loved the attention that was doted on them, they still remembered their duty was to their loved one.

"I was serving a wounded--I didn't look at it as my son--I was serving a wounded warrior who served our country with honor and pride." Scott said.

The Warrior Beach Retreat will continue until September 18th.

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