Years Later, City Realizes it Doesn't Even Own the Park

PARKER, FL-- As far as anyone can tell, the city of Parker has been maintaining a small park on the corner of Dover road and Parkway drive in the Point Donalson subdivision since the 1950's.

"I mean all the residents and the city were just operating going along happy as can be, thinking this was city property and we are maintaining it just the way we do with every other piece of city property," said Parker Mayor Richard Musgrave.

So you can imagine their surprise when the city attorney discovered the city doesn't own the park.

Instead, the 51 surrounding property owners do.

"Mostly we were dismayed about the development, and I think we would like to have a solution," said property owner Deborah Greiner.

One solution is for all 51 owners to agree to hand-over the park to the city.

"And should even one person not do that, it remains property to those 51 property owners and they would be responsible for maintaining it," said Musgrove.

"And you guys have worked so hard to get this opportunity, to get us this grant to upgrade our area, and we are about to ruin it," said property owner Gretchen Paulsen.

Some residents do want to maintain ownership of the park. If they do keep the property, they could restrict it for their own use.

Property owners must inform the city February 19th if they decide to hand-over the deed to the park. Otherwise the city will lose the $60,000 grant.