With Scorching Temperatures Zoo World Cools Down Its Animals

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PANAMA CITY BEACH-- With temperatures nearing triple digits on Friday animals at Zoo World felt the heat.

When temperatures are as hot as they were Friday, it really is important to not only keep ourselves cool and hydrated, but animals too. Earlier Friday zoo keepers brought out the hoses to give cool down its birds with a nice cold shower.

And it didn't stop at the birds, even the wolves were able to get a cool down laying in a bucket of ice. They weren't short of giving a thank you either as one wolf, even nuzzled up to one of its zoo keepers.

"It's really important that they stay overall healthy, happy, and comfortable because really who wants to be that hot," said Zoo World's Director of Education Stephanie Sinnett.

Sinnett said Zoo World keeps their animals cool and comfortable, not only on days like this, but all through the summer making sure their animals are well taken care of.

Sinnett said we need to make sure our pets at home also stay cool too, as the hot temperatures will continue into the weekend.