Zoo World Welcomes New Baby Giraffe

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Zoo World is welcoming a new giraffe just a couple months after the death of their last one.
The zoo lost five-month-old, Elliot, in April after a spinal cord injury, leaving 10-month-old giraffe, Lynn, without a companion.
Now the zoo has a new giraffe named, Chase.
Zoo world says they weren't expecting to find a replacement so soon but they're already in love with him.
Chase was named by the same people who named Elliot earlier this year.
However, the addition of a new giraffe has some locals up in arms, complaining about living conditions.
Zoo World Assistant Director, Tom Walling, said, "The main thing they say is just that the exhibits are just too small. And my answer to them is what's big enough? You know, they say this is too small. If I double this, would they still say that's too small?"
In about a years time two giraffes have died at zoo world-- leading some to say the zoo is just not equipped to handle such large, wild animals.