ZooWorld Giraffe Dies: Update

It all began Friday when a ZooWorld employee first heard a loud noise coming from the giraffe enclosure.

"Whatever happened, whatever caused him to be startled in his paddock, caused him to react and hit something. We aren't actually sure what did happen, but it did cause trauma to his spinal cord," explained director Dr. Marie Knafelc.

For the next 24 hours ZooWorld staff members medicated the 5-month old giraffe, constantly supervising him. But by Saturday night, it became obvious Elliott would not recover.

"we came to the point where after discussions of the breeder and an outside vet, they said it would be time to euthanize him because he would not survive," said Knafelc.

The news of Elliott's death generated new protests from those who say Zooworld is too small to house giraffes.

"Exotic animal owners are allowed to keep animals like tigers in tiny pins where they can just turn around, and sure, that is legal. But that isn't the best thing for the animals. Just as humans need things to do and things to change so do animals," said protester Romney Spearschnieder.

ZooWorld officials say they just passed a usda inspection last week.

Zoo officials say Elliot was not insured, and they do not have any plans to replace him at this time.