ZooWorld's Newest Attraction

A second baby giraffe has joined Elliot at ZooWorld.
The new baby is a month old, but not everyone is applauding her arrival.
The new baby came from the same Virginia zoo as Elliot, and ZooWorld needs help coming up with the perfect name.
When ZooWorld got their first new giraffe, they knew they wanted him to have a partner.
"We got the call several weeks ago that she had been born, we went nuts,” said assistant director of ZooWorld, Tom Walling. “We are just really thrilled to death."
The new baby arrived Thursday, and the two giraffe's are getting along perfectly, and onlookers are loving it.
But, there are those who worry the enclosure for the animals is too small, and many have taken to Facebook to get their message out.
"They want to see changes, well then let's turn some negative energy into positive and take those energies and help us raise some money and they can see some changes that we both want," said Walling.
The enclosure for the giraffe's is three time bigger than what is recommended by zoologists and Florida Fish and Wildlife.
In the future the two giraffe's may mate but ZooWorld officials are still discussing that option.
"It takes three years for them to become sexually mature,” Walling said. “We've got time to talk."
Right now, their job is just to be cute.
ZooWorld will be holding another contest Wed-Fri to decide on a name.
They will announce the winning name on Valentines Day, which may be perfect timing.
"They're kissing and smooching. He's nibbling on her ears and everything's going really well," Walling adds.
It will cost a dollar to cast a vote and all of the money raised will go into the giraffe fund.
You can submit your vote online at www.zooworldpcb.net.