Zucchini Races Are Back at Captain Anderson's

It's the peak of Zucchini season and locals are starting to get a little creative on how they're using the vegetable.

Instead of just a summer snack, some are using it to win cash prizes.

It's all part of the annual Zucchini race at Captatain Anderson's Farmer's Market.

It's an event that gives the phrase "playing with your food" a whole other meaning.

Many children and adults alike have been preparing Zucchini cars for the race next Saturday.

"There are all kinds of other vegetable festivals so we just have a one day zucchini fest. it was really juts a matter of necessity. we needed something to do with the zucchini... It's as good as the Daytona 500 except you get to build your own," says one event planner.

Volunteers at the event say this is one of the most exciting times of the year.

Zucchini season runs from May to July, and this year many are reporting the crop to be extremely prolific.

Today's events are gearing up for next weekend's big Zucchini Cup, when everyone's racecar will be put to the test.

"We'll have the compacts, sedans, and SUV class so you don't have to be a kid. You just have to be young at heart," says a volunteer for the event.

The Zucchini cup will kick off at 11 in the morning next Saturday at Captain Anderson's.