Jackson Co. Emergency Management Keeping an Eye on Chipola River

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As the heavy rains continue Saturday night, there's a growing concern over the threat of rising river levels and flooding in Jackson County.

The Chipola River is currently a little higher than eleven feet. Flood stage for the river is at 19-feet. The reported rainfall totals have been between three-and-six inches which is expected to cause the river to rise an additional two-to-three feet within the next 48-hours. Emergency management personnel are urging residents to use caution when traveling in the area, especially in the surrounding low-lying areas.

"I want people to be careful and watch those places that normally don't flood because you could cross those and all of a sudden your car will be in the water and that's the thing we really want people to be careful about" said Jackson County Emergency Management Director Rodney Andreason.

Most of Northwest Florida is currently under a flood warning until early Sunday morning.

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