iSirona Makes Big Changes.

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One of the area's fastest growing companies is going through some major changes. iSirona is merging with seven other medical related companies to form NantHealth. The move comes a the same time the local firm is expanding its new facilities.

Bright colors, open work spaces, even a slide, with a warehouse feel, but this isn't northern California. It's Downtown Panama City.
Panama City Mayor, Greg Brudnicki said, "Whoever thought that Panama City would have a little slice of Silicon Valley. I am so excited. This is probably one of the greatest projects that could ever happen in Downtown Panama City."

This is iSirona. The company opened it's doors in 2009 with a handful of employees and some cutting edge computer software that integrates medical device data into electronic medical records. It gives clinicians faster access to more accurate patient information, and frees nurses to do more direct patient care. The company has grown on the success of that product.

Congressman Steve Southerland was also impressed, "You're talking about a couple hundred jobs and if you really talk to them about some of the possibilities that exist for them, the number gets even more impressive."

But iSirona founder David Dyell, now the Senior Vice President of Product Development for NantHealth says his local team is about to become part of something bigger, a merge with seven other medical companies.

"iSirona was a single company focused really on device connectivity and that side of it. With NantHealth our solution set is so much larger, this is a merger really of eight different companies. Right now we have about 208 employees and again we expect to grow that to at least to about a total of 400 over the next couple years."

Dyell also believes in taking care of employees, hence the playground slide.

"The slide is absolutely my idea," Dyell says, " know, again, as a technology company it's just one of those things you always wanna have. You wanna have something fun, something that's different and you know for us the slide is the thing.

The new company will also expose a huge number of visitors to the things our area has to offer.

Mayor Brudnicki added, "They're gonna be bringing people in and training them here so the exposure level that those type of companies will get here will be tremendous."

iSirona has been recognized as the best medical software company for the last three years.