Chipola River Flood Plain Sees Very Minor Flooding

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Calhoun County- Some things in life are simply out of our control. For Richard Bush, one of those things was the Chipola River.

"You've got to be able to go with the flow because you're not going to be able to control the river" Bush said, looking out over the water. So once it starts, you've got to start preparing."

That "flow" brought the river right into his front yard.

"I am on an island, but I'm using my boat and a wheel chair ramp [at the house to launch the boat from] and eventually I'll be going over the hand rail of the wheel chair ramp to get into my house" he explained.

Bush had as much as 5 feet of water surrounding his home, but, wasn't the first time he, and his dog Jake had launched river rides from his front porch. So Bush said he was prepared.

"I've got food, water a generator, gasoline and propane in case the power does go out." It was a probable scenario for Bush.

Calhoun County emergency management officials were asking residents in flood prone areas to secure personal property that could be damaged or lost in the water and to either stock up on food or leave home. County officials told citizens to prepare for conditions similar to the flood of 2009, when the Chipola River crested at just over 30 feet. This flood, the river was expected to crest by Thursday at roughly the 29 foot mark.

"They're likely to lose power" Calhoun County Sheriff Glenn Kimbrell said. "I understand their about to cut power to some of the properties."

And Bush knew his property would likely be one them. The river runs downstream from where he lives- just South of Altha- pushing water from Dothan, Marianna, Campbellton and Malone. Bush told us it could take up to a week before he actually could see his front yard again.

"It's a challenge, but you don't give up- you just keep going. I've got neighbors and we go up and down and check on everybody and help them" he said, waving to one of them from his john boat.

In the mean time, he told us he, and his faithful buddy, Jake would do some fishing.

"They're probably right out here in the yard" Bush said laughing. There's fish everywhere!"

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