WJHG.com Commenting Policy

The purpose of a Commenting Policy at WJHG.com is to ensure the contributions from all viewers and users are welcomed, appropriate, and respectful towards others.

Comments are posted from viewers like you and DO NOT reflect the opinions or views of this station as an entity. NewsChannel 7 invites you to share your opinions with others as an interactive, thought-provoking forum for respectful debate and communication.

The WJHG Webmaster determines whether to approve or deny any comments under the listed circumstances. It should be understood that comments are not altered nor edited once submitted.

Comments Welcomed on WJHG.com :

• Will be available online once approved by a Webmaster.
• Respectable commentary, opinion and reaction to posts are welcome.
• Comments should be relevant to the specific post or record to which they are attached. If they are not, they will not be posted.

The following will be considered inappropriate and the Webmaster of WJHG.com will reject all comments deemed inappropriate that do not comply with the underlying policies:

Comments NOT Welcomed on WJHG.com

• Abusive in nature.
• Contains personal and/or cultural attacks or insults.
• Is offensive in nature or contains offensive language.
• Comments giving out personal information such as: telephone numbers, social security, email address, home address, credit card information, etc.)
• Comments designed to encourage criminal activity.
• Promotes hate of any kind.
• Comments deemed offensive that promote racial discrimination, including: gender, ethnicity or sexual orientation in any form or fashion.
• Potentially Libelous.
• Detrimental in any way shape or form.
• Comments that do not pertain to the story.
• Comments considered obscene, pornographic or sexual in nature
• Contains commercial content.
• Any spam-related comments.

WJHG also reserves the right to delete a previously posted comment at any given time. If you have any questions or comments regarding the above Commenting Policy email bragan.hughes@wjhg.com or joe.moore@wjhg.com

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