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NBC News Headlines

Marine Charged with Attack at Iraqi Restaurant in Oregon

The active-duty Marine accused of attacking an Oregon waiter served two tours in Iraq and Afghanistan, and told police he's being treated for PTSD.

Oregon Man Claims State Muzzles Red Light Camera Critique

An Oregon man says his public criticism of the mathematical formula used by red light cameras got him in trouble with the state engineering board.

Tamir Rice Death: Video Shows Officers' Shifting Accounts

Newly released footage of interviews with the police officers who fatally shot 12-year old Tamir Rice reveal shifting stories.

Would Human Trafficking Even Be Affected by Trump's Wall?

President Trump said his border wall will "have a huge effect on human trafficking." Experts hope this is true, but are unable to say for certain.

Lawyer for 'Close Friend' of Hernandez Wants to See Third Suicide Note

The lawyer for an inmate described as a "close friend" of Aaron Hernandez called for a copy of the enigmatic third suicide note he left behind.