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Confusion reigns today, so beware.... You're so susceptible at the moment, that you'll be heavily influenced by what people tell you, even if you'd normally ignore every word they say. Concentrate on creative matters, in which you'll excel, and ignore anything that calls for careful thought because that isn't the way your mind is working.


Trust in what you believe Taurus, because someone is giving you the wrong information. They might have accidentally got a story back to front, or they may be deliberately trying to pull the wool over your eyes. There could also be confusion when dealing with an official body or company, so take care.


Communications have a nasty habit of going crazy today, leaving you worried, confused and wondering what on earth is going on. Someone may swear that they're giving you the facts while all the time they're telling you a pack of lies, or they might be economical with the truth and omit to give you some rather important information. Try to avoid reaching any sort of agreement because you may not know what you're agreeing to.


You're usually no slouch when it comes to thinking about money but it's a different story today, because something seems to have happened to your brain. You're reluctant to face unpleasant facts and are doing your best to paint every situation in the rosiest light. It isn't a good day for making any financial decisions because they might carry a risk or not work out for you.


Do your best to make yourself clear when talking to people today because there's a strong possibility of wires being crossed and people getting hold of the wrong end of the stick. Even if you've got something difficult to say it would be better to be honest than to hedge your bets and tell a few white lies because this isn't a good day for being even remotely dishonest.


Be careful when dealing with anyone who has a martyr complex because they'll go overboard today. They seem to think they're a saint in human form and they may go on (and on) about how much they've suffered, as though that somehow makes them better than everyone else. You long to give them a piece of your Virgo mind but do you have the courage to risk making them cry?


Don't believe everything you hear today. That's because someone may not be honest or straight with you, or you might be listening very subjectively and only hearing what you want to hear. If you're trying to sort out a glitch in your relationship with a certain person, this is not a good day to do it. There's too much scope for muddles and crossed wires. It can wait until tomorrow.


If you want to make life easy for yourself you should avoid getting involved in any important or complex discussions today. That's because they could easily go wrong in some way, perhaps because someone doesn't explain themselves properly or they wrongly assume that everyone knows what they're talking about. You should also try to avoid signing on any dotted lines because contracts and agreements may contain mistakes or snags that you aren't aware of at the moment but which will come to light later on when it's too late to back down. So watch out!


It's hard to get at the truth today, partly because you're in a bit of a muddle and partly because other people aren't being as straightforward as you'd like. You should be especially wary of anyone who insists they're telling you the truth because it probably means that they aren't. Watch out, too, for anyone who wants to brainwash you into signing up to their own set of beliefs, whether these are religious, political or environmental.


Watch what you spend your money on. Although you've normally got your head screwed on when it comes to your finances, you don't seem to be nearly so grounded and practical today. In fact, you could easily get talked into buying things you don't want or need. There's also a faint chance that you might be swindled by someone who takes advantage of you, so be on your guard.


Be careful about who and what you believe today because not everyone is telling you the truth. Someone might say things that they think you want to hear, even though they're divorced from all the facts, or they could get carried away when telling you something and end up making it up as they go along. You must also take care to say what you mean and not give anyone a false impression.


A certain someone is being awfully weedy today. They're bleating on about all the things that are wrong in their life, and it will soon dawn on you that their main problem is that they're drowning in self-pity. Now, make sure that you don't start playing them at their own game, because all this 'poor little me' stuff will be surprisingly infectious.


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