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The restless Moon enters Aquarius and your eleventh house of friendships, making this a lovely night to spend with your best pals. If you are feeling like getting into the spirit of things, characters that reflect the Aries personality include Joan of Arc, Scarlett O'Hara and Vincent Van Gogh.


Those of you who plan to follow the ancient tradition of dressing in costume tonight will have a grand time; this day is practically tailor-made for you. The drama and the pageantry are all yours, so dress up even if all you plan to do is open the door for little trick-or-treaters. You may want to consider these Taurus characters: Salvador Dali, Barbara Streisand, Adolf Hitler, Queen Elizabeth II, Leonardo da Vinci.


Tonight can be quite mystical and magical for many of you, and those who practice the earth religions will be open to the spiritual today. You might not be in the mood for traditional Halloween festivities, but candles, incense, and prayer might uplift you. In any case, it's a perfect night for a party. If you plan on dressing up, consider these famous Twins: Pat Boone, Bob Dylan, Nancy Sinatra, Queen Victoria.


You should be feeling extra vampy as the Moon enters your eighth house of sex, money, and power tonight... if you plan on celebrating Halloween, you should have a wild night indeed! Those of you who plan to dress up in costume on this Halloween might consider these famous Cancer personalities: Julius Caesar, King Henry the Eighth, Helen Keller, Ann Landers.


The Moon slips into your fourth house of home and family this evening, making this a family oriented night for trick or treat. Use caution and stay in groups if you plan to celebrate. Some famous Leo personalities you might consider are: Lucille Ball, Fidel Castro, Mata Hari, May West, Mick Jagger, Halle Berry.


Your creativity is high as the Moon merges with Venus; romance and children's issues are also favored. You may want to try something completely different, and what better way than to masquerade as someone else? If you plan to dress in costume, consider these Virgo natives: Ray Charles, Sophia Loren, Peter Sellers, Greta Garbo, Beyonce.


The Moon enters your fifth house of pleasure and creativity, giving you the energy you need for tonight's festivities. Even if you don't normally dress in costume, you may find it gives you quite a thrill tonight. Consider Libran characters and celebrities such as a judge, the Statue of Liberty, or Bridget Bardot.


It's Scorpio's favourite night of the year, so make the most of it! The Sun continues to light up your first house of personality, making you very popular this evening. Whether or not you dress in costume, you'll be noticed. If you haven't decided who to masquerade as tonight, consider these famous Scorpio personalities: Prince Charles, Pablo Picasso, Marie Antionette, Marie Curie.


The Moon enters Aquarius, your third house of community, making this a fun night to spend celebrating in your neighborhood. Parties and get-togethers will be especially enjoyable. Some famous Sagittarius personalities are: Beethoven, Harpo Marx, Winston Churchill, Jane Fonda, Britney Spears.


Many will be celebrating All Hallows Eve by dressing in costume tonight. With the Moon passing into your second house of money and values, you might consider dressing as a millionaire, a beggar or a dollar bill. Go ahead and have fun; even the conservative Capricorn must let his/her hair down from time to time! Famous Capricorn personalities to masquerade as include: Edgar Allan Poe, Richard Nixon, Joan of Arc.


This could be a wickedly fun day for those who plan to celebrate All Hallows Eve. The changing Moon will enter your first house of personality, helping you to be the star of the show. If you plan to dress up, consider these Aquarius personalities: Galileo, Yoko Ono, Abraham Lincoln, Mia Farrow.


The changing Moon enters your twelfth house of hidden matters, making this an especially mysterious All Hallows Eve! Whether you feel like the Grim Reaper or Mata Hari, you are sure to have a grand time. if you are dressing up, some famous Pisces characters include: Albert Einstein, Elizabeth Taylor, Eva Longoria, Jean Harlow.


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