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A close partner or intimate friend is in a very garrulous mood, making them chat about whatever comes into their head. Some of this will be very interesting but there's also a possibility that they'll say something that slightly shocks you. They may mention a taboo subject, or describe emotions that you find distasteful. Should you take it all in your stride or say something?


A certain someone barely draws breath today, which is great if you've got time to listen to them but not such good news if you're trying to do other things as well. Of course, you're feeling rather chatty right now, but try not to hog the conversation to such an extent that no one else can get a word in edgeways. This won't make you very popular.


Your thoughts and emotions are working in tandem, Gemini, making it easy to put your feelings into words. However, you should remember that it may not be convenient for others to listen to you, especially if they're trying to get on with their work. This is a good day to continue your Christmas preparations, especially if you fancy writing lists of the things you've still got to do.


Give yourself a treat and spend time with people you love today. You won't have to do anything special with them either, so even flopping on the sofa together while watching television or a DVD will be enjoyable. Of course, if you feel like going out on the town you'll have a great time, but be careful not to spend more money than you can really afford.


You're thinking along very subjective and emotional lines today, which makes it difficult for you to reach any decisions. You certainly can't manage to be dispassionate about anything right now, even if you think you can, because your emotions and thoughts are completely tangled up in each other. Wait for this mood to pass before making any emotional commitments.


You're in a very garrulous mood today, making it difficult for you to stop talking. You'll want to chat to whoever happens to be around, whether you've known them for ever or you've only just met. It's fine to natter away, but try not to hog the conversation to such an extent that no one else gets the chance to say anything.


You're in an affectionate and demonstrative mood today, and you'll be happiest when you're with some of the special people in your life. The better you know them, the more relaxed and secure you'll feel. The shops are calling you so you won't need any encouragement to see what they've got to offer. If you're doing some Christmas shopping you'll want to make some generous gestures, but check that you can afford them, Libra!


Mind what you say today as you accidentally send out the wrong message, or give someone a confused, misleading opinion of you. It's also a difficult day for working through your thoughts because not even these are as straightforward as normal. Beware of kidding yourself about something because you've got the facts muddled up or you've overlooked an important aspect of the entire situation.


Someone wants to talk to you in confidence, but are you ready to listen to what they've got to say? Maybe they want to tell you some of their secrets and you aren't sure if you'll be able to keep them to yourself, or perhaps this person never draws breath and you simply don't have the time to listen while they ramble on and on. You'll have to make some clever excuses but you should be able to come up with something.


The month ends on a peaceful and enjoyable note. You're in the mood to get together with friends, even if you don't do anything very exciting together. If there have been slight problems between you and a friend recently or you haven't seen as much of each other as you'd like, get in touch with them and try to smooth things over. You'll also enjoy getting involved in a favourite hobby, particularly if it has an artistic slant.


This is a lovely day for being with people you care about. You'll enjoy looking after them in your own way, or simply chatting to them and finding out how they are. This is also an excellent opportunity to spend time with an older friend or relative, or with someone you work with, and to get to know them better.


You're in a very inquisitive frame of mind today. You'll love doing some research in order to gather more information about a subject that fascinates you, whether you do that by looking up books, talking to someone or surfing the net. If you're out and about today you'll enjoy chatting to people you meet along the way, and even more so if they come from very different backgrounds to yours.


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