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Your emotions could lead you a merry dance today, so be prepared for anything to happen! You could be smitten by someone who isn't your usual cup of tea, but who hits you right between the eyes now. The burning question is whether you'll want to take it any further or whether this bewildering attraction will be over as quickly as it started.


Someone puts a spring in your step and a sparkle in your eyes today. It's exhilarating and good fun, even if it doesn't mean anything. For instance, you might have a delightful flirtation with a friend, or you could be chatted up by a complete stranger. But there's also a chance that you might suddenly be smitten by the charms of someone you've known for a while. What next?


You may be hit straight between the eyes by the charms of someone who isn't your usual cup of tea today. They might also be in a position of power or influence, which gives them a scrumptious aura. What are you going to do about this? If you start a relationship it could be over almost as soon as it began, but it will be quite something while it lasts.


You enjoy sticking to a familiar routine but today you long to break free from your usual schedule and do something completely different. If you're self-employed maybe you could give yourself the day off work and go on a mini adventure? If that's not possible, arrange to do something exciting in your spare time. There could also be some sensational news from a special person who lives abroad.


Get ready for surprises in a close relationship. Someone could sweep you off your feet and suggest doing something totally different from your usual routine, or could say something that leaves you reeling with shock. There's also a chance that you could be smitten by someone you meet today, and feel dazzled by their magnetism and the chemistry between you. Should you leave it at that, or take it any further?


You yearn to be with people who are interesting and unusual today, so try to give a wide berth to anyone who's so predictable that you could set your watch by them. There's also a chance that you could be tempted by the many charms of someone who has an electrifying effect on you, even if you're already spoken for. If this happens, the big question is what you're going to do about it. The sensible option is not to do anything rash, but you aren't feeling sensible at the moment.


Someone wants to create a bit of a stir today, especially if you work with them and they think things are starting to get boring. They'll go out of their way to keep you amused but their antics might get you into trouble as well, so watch out. You might also be powerfully attracted to someone you meet now, whether through work or a medical matter. The big question is what you want to do about it.


A certain person is absolutely scintillating and you can't get enough of them. In fact, the chemistry between the two of you has got you in quite a state. That's fine if you're already in a relationship with this person or you're in a position to pursue them, but life will get rather complicated if you're already spoken for because you'll battle with temptation. How will the story end?


The focus is firmly on your family life at the moment and it's the same story today. But don't expect things to be boring or predictable. Instead, get ready for some surprises and unexpected incidents, courtesy of a certain person who is dear to your heart. They may act out of character or alter a plan at the eleventh hour, so you'll have to adapt to the changed circumstances.


Your social life is full of surprises today, so be prepared for all eventualities. A pre-arranged appointment might be changed at the last minute, or someone may not turn up when you expect them. If you meet someone for the first time, they'll have quite an impact on you. You might even be completely dazzled by them, especially if they aren't your usual type. What on earth is going on?


Are you feeling bored, fed up or fidgety? Then keep well away from the shops unless you've either left your money at home or you're rolling in the stuff. That's because you'll enjoy splashing out on impulse buys in an attempt to brighten up your day or cheer yourself up, and it could work out very expensive by the time you've finished. You may not even like half the things you buy, so keep the receipts if you do flash the cash around.


Life is predictable and boring today, making you long to do something that will shake you out of your current rut. So what do you have in mind? You could become wildly attracted to someone who isn't your usual type at all or who is so controversial that he or she will outrage everyone who knows you. However, try not to go solely for shock value as you could regret it later on when you wonder what on earth possessed you to get involved with this person in the first place. Maybe you could tone it down a little?


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