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You're eager to look, listen and learn today because you're in such an inquisitive mood. You're experiencing a real thirst for knowledge and will enjoy amassing some facts. It's a great day to do some research, whether that means scouring the shelves of your local library, surfing the net or picking someone's brains.


A good day to keep a weather eye on your finances, to ensure that everything is on track. For instance, you might want to balance your cheque book, or go through your credit card statements. It's also a good idea to do some research into any investments or major outlays that you're considering at the moment, such as a mortgage or long-term pension plan.


Conversations are peachy today, making it easy to put across your point of view. This is just what you need if you're having problems in making a certain so-and-so listen to a word you say without biting your head off. Set the tone by being friendly, positive and determined not to dredge up old history, and you'll encourage them to be equally chummy in return.


Get set for a really satisfying day in which everything goes according to plan. If you're at work you'll enjoy a very happy and companionable atmosphere with colleagues, in which you help each other out or have a good old chat. A meeting or discussion will go well, too, because everyone seems keen to listen to everyone else. If you've got some good ideas, don't be afraid to mention them.


Have you made any plans for the Christmas holidays? If not, this is the perfect day to get started. You might decide to visit someone you haven't seen in a while, or even to arrange a last-minute holiday abroad. If such things are out of the question, consider organizing some day trips instead so you've still got something to look forward to.


The best way to deal with your emotions today is to talk about them. You don't have to make a big drama out of this, and it will be surprisingly easy to discuss quite painful topics without feeling completely cut up about them. It will definitely help to remain slightly detached from what you're talking about, because then you'll be more aware of the reality of the situation.


It's a good day for expressing your ideas, whether you're having a good old chat to someone, you're engrossed in some fascinating gossip or you're writing letters. It's highly likely that your current drive to communicate will mean you spend much longer than usual on the phone or net, and you'll only worry about the cost later on.


This is a great day to make that extra effort to get on well with workmates and customers, because your good humor will go down a treat. If things have been a bit dicey with a certain person recently, you'll be amazed by the change that comes over them when you butter them up, offer to make them a cup of tea or do anything else that shows there are no hard feelings.


You'll love getting out and about as much as possible today, especially if you can take a favourite person along for the ride. It's one of your chatty days, and you'll adore catching up on all the news with a loved one. This is also a good day for being with children because you'll all have a great time together, and you'll enjoy thinking up fun things for them to do.


This is a lovely day for being with loved ones, whether these are members of the family or cherished friends. You'll enjoy chatting to them about whatever happens to be important in your lives at the moment, so give them a ring if you can't see them in person. You could hear a confidence or secret at some point, so make sure you keep it to yourself.


Life is a bit of an uphill struggle today. Your energy levels are depleted, you may feel as though you're coming down with a bug, and you're easily defeated by problems and delays. You might also hear some disappointing news which only adds to your current misery and encourages you to take a despondent and pessimistic view of the world. But are things really as bad as all that?


Get to grips with your finances, dear Pisces, especially if you're in danger of letting things slide. Go through your bank and credit card statements carefully, in case they contain mistakes or anomalies, and pay any overdue bills before you forget about them. You might also hear some interesting news about a pay rise or bonus that's coming your way.


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