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If you've been pushing worries and anxieties to the back of your mind, today's Full Moon will root them out during the coming fortnight and force you to do something about them. The first step is to look at them constructively and to work out what you can do to alleviate them. If you can do something, then get on with it. If you can't, what's the point of worrying? It won't make the situation any better and it will make you feel a whole lot worse.


Today's Full Moon is urging you to tidy up any loose ends in your friendships. So what exactly does this entail? Well, if you owe a chum a letter it would be a good idea to get writing during the coming fortnight. If you're annoyed with someone, this is your chance to iron out the problems by discussing them. You may also revise your opinion of a particular friend.


There's a Full Moon today, and it's going to affect your career and long-term goals during the next two weeks. It looks as though you need to draw a line under something, perhaps accepting that a plan is never going to see the light of day. Alternatively, you may be celebrating the successful conclusion of a project, in which case you'll soon have to think about what to do next!


During the coming fortnight you'll be reminded that the truth can be very subjective. You might get caught up in a situation which is colored every shade of grey rather than being black and white, making it difficult to say what's right and what's wrong. This may even lead to you having to revise a cherished belief or long-held opinion in the face of the evidence.


Today's Full Moon triggers a crisis in a close relationship. If you're honest you'll admit that you've felt it coming for days and it's a relief to finally have it out in the open. Do what you can to solve the problem with the least amount of ill feeling and hassle, while being honest about your own involvement and responsibility for what's happening. You can't pin all the blame on other people.


Today's Full Moon in Pisces places the accent heavily on your relationships during the next two weeks. This means you might weather a couple of minor storms with some of the significant people in your life. Do your best to get through these without over-reacting or turning them into crises, especially if they offer you the opportunity to improve your relationships when the dust has settled. There could also be a temporary parting of the ways with one person.


There's a Full Moon today and it's telling you to pay close attention to your health during the coming fortnight. If you're a typical Libran you're already quite health-conscious, so this might be an opportunity to follow up any queries you've recently raised with your doctor. You may also reach some important decisions about your working life, especially if you've been looking for ways to make it more interesting.


Today's Full Moon in Pisces is reminding you to make any changes that you think are necessary to your plans for the future. It's also telling you to put the finishing touches to the creative projects you're currently involved with, so you can get them out of the way and go on to something new. During the next two weeks you may also have to do some straight talking with a loved one, but this won't be as difficult as you might imagine.


Today's Full Moon will have a big impact on your home and family life during the next two weeks. One thing it will do is to make you aware of the needs of certain members of the family and whether or not you're fulfilling them. You may also have to juggle the twin demands of your work and your home life, which won't be easy. Try to find some middle ground rather than swinging from one extreme to the other and then back again.


If things have been a bit tricky with a neighbor or close relative recently, today's Full Moon is telling you to do something about it. That might mean having a blazing row with them, especially if you've tried every other option, but don't let it get out of hand. Alternatively, it's not be too late to adopt the diplomatic approach and to negotiate your way out of the current impasse.


Today's Full Moon picks up a financial theme, and tells you what you need to concentrate on during the coming two weeks. Yes, it's money! You need to do some serious economizing or rethink your priorities and values in life. Remember that money and status isn't everything.


If you're still worried about the gulf between you and you-know-who, today's Full Moon will either make it vanish entirely or raise the ante so you feel you've got to do something about it. But try not to behave as though it's a complete crisis, unless that's most definitely what it is. Even then, it will help to stay calm and rational.


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