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Daily Horoscopes


A woman needs plenty of your attention today, and you'll know all about it if she doesn't get what she wants! She might stir up a fuss or make it plain that she's jealous of whatever or whoever is taking you away from her. Quite honestly, it would be far easier to give her some of your precious time to keep her happy, and then to get on with the rest of your life.


A certain person is operating on a short fuse. Very grumpy indeed. Everything you do or say seems to be wrong, and they're taking great delight in pointing out all your faults. You can either let them get on with it and let all this criticism wash over you, or you can give as good as you get. But if you do the latter, you could soon get involved in a bad-tempered and childish squabble.


Someone has rather a sharp tongue and they're not afraid to use it today. It will be quite painful if you're on the receiving end of all these gibes and sarcastic digs, especially if deep down you know you deserve them. The truth always hurts! On the other hand, you may be the one who's dishing out the barbed comments, in which case you should ask yourself whether there isn't a more positive way to get your point across.


Someone is very needy today, which may or may not be a good thing. For instance, they might want you to devote all your attention to them, whether or not you can spare the time, or they may need you to reassure them about your feelings for them. You'll soon get fed up with this if it carries on for too long but you'll feel guilty if you get exasperated. Never mind, it will soon pass.


Take care because it's rather a bad tempered start to February. Someone is feeling agitated and liable to say nasty things whenever they think they're being got at. They could also get completely caught up in tiny details that distract them from more important topics and cause a form of tunnel vision. Make sure you don't come down with the same complaint by getting plenty of exercise and varying your activities as much as possible.


Are you trying to do too much? It certainly looks like it, and it's making you feel bad-tempered, frazzled and nervy. Do your best to slow down and take things at a more measured pace, otherwise you'll waste all your nervous energy in panicking and trying to beat the clock. You can't cram several days' worth of activities into only a few hours, so concentrate on the priorities and let everything else look after itself.


This isn't the easiest start to February because you're feeling rather agitated and irritable. Loved ones are particularly hard to deal with today because they have a knack of getting on your nerves or doing things you don't approve of, especially if they start to spend money. Try not to get bogged down in tiny details that don't really matter yet which wind you up like a coiled spring.


Feelings run high today, making it difficult to keep your temper for more than ten minutes at a time. That's because you're feeling rather fraught and fractious, especially if you've got to cope with some family dramas. Well, they seem like dramas at the time, although later on you may wonder why you get in such a state about them. Do your best to keep active so you can work off the worst of your angst through physical activity.


If you're looking for a little excitement, what do you have in mind? Ideally, you should do something that's a departure from your usual routine or which will put you in touch with the sort of people you don't see very often. There should also be a nice surprise connected with a member of the family or a very close friend.


Make an effort to get on well with someone who has power or authority over you. This might be your boss or it could be an older relative that you need to keep sweet. Don't worry, because it won't be a difficult goal to achieve right now. Even if this person is often a pain in the neck there's an improvement in their behavior today.


Mind your Ps and Qs, especially when talking to people who have some clout or power over you, otherwise you'll land up to your neck in hot water. It's one of those days when you're very tempted to make the sort of clever remarks that sound great while you're thinking about them but make you cringe the moment you utter them. So save yourself the trouble of having to apologize by not saying anything in the first place.


Introduce some adventure into your life today, even if it's only choosing an unusual sandwich filling at lunchtime or watching the sort of television program you usually avoid. It will be instructive to get a different perspective on the world, and it could even lead to something unexpected but exciting. There's also the chance of a surprise journey, so keep your options open.


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