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  • Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt marry in France, spokesperson says
    Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt married on Saturday in France, a spokesperson for the couple has confirmed to the Associated Press.The pair have six children and have been engaged since April, 2012.This is a developing story. Please check back here for updates.

  • Woman to complete journey of singing national anthem in all 50 states
    From Alaska to Florida, from Madison Square Garden to Wallace, Idaho, Janine Stange's voice has been heard singing "The Star-Spangled Banner" across nearly every state in the land of the free. Her journey to perform the national anthem in all 50 states began in 2012, and she will cross the final state off her list on Thursday when she sings it in Tennessee.

  • 'Friends' reunion finally happens! Aniston, Cox and Kudrow get in character on 'Kimmel'
    "Friends" fans have waited to see the "Central Perk"-loving gang get back together ever since the farewell episode of the hit show aired 10 years ago. Unfortunately, time and time again, the show's former stars have shot down the idea. But on Wednesday night, it finally happened.Sort of.

  • Matt Lauer was in on the 'naked TV' trend before it was cool
    This summer's television trend can be summed up with one word: skin. As Jenna Wolfe will report, people are baring it all in name of reality TV on shows like VH1's "Dating Naked" and Discovery's "Naked and Afraid" and "Naked Castaway." Oh, and don't forget about TLC's "Buying Naked" and Syfy's "Naked Vegas." What was once a TV taboo seems to be becoming commonplace.

  • Did Tony get whacked? 'Sopranos' creator David Chase speaks out on show finale
    It's been seven years since "The Sopranos," HBO's groundbreaking drama about a New Jersey mob family, wrapped its Emmy-winning run. Yet the show's cut-to-black finale remains one of the most contentious endings for a TV series ever, with fans continuing to debate: Did crime boss Tony Soprano really get whacked in that last scene?

  • Stark contrast: 'Game of Thrones' star Sophie Turner now a fashion model
    From medieval damsel in distress to modern dame about town? What a stark contrast.Sophie Turner, who plays the corseted Sansa on “Game of Thrones,” is now modeling for U.K. clothing retailer Karen Millen.The British actress, 18, will be the face of the brand’s fall and winter campaign, and stars in their latest promo video, which is equal parts intriguing and annoying.

  • And the best-dressed celebrity of the Emmys red carpet was...
    Which celebrity won Monday night’s top honors — best-dressed? It was a close race, but Julia Roberts, clad in a short Elie Saab dress, took in the most votes for TODAY’s Emmys red carpet vote. “The Normal Heart” star’s beaded mini, which showcased her famous legs, was heralded as an unconventional, playful choice at an event that generally commands long evening-wear.

  • New 'Survivor' cast includes controversial ex-baseball star John Rocker, 'Amazing Race' twins
    The 18-member cast of "Survivor: San Juan del Sur — Blood vs. Water," revealed Wednesday by CBS, are all newcomers to the game — but that doesn't mean they're all rookies. Retired Major League Baseball pitcher John Rocker — perhaps better known for his incendiary hate speech than his accomplishments on the mound — tops the roster of players competing against and alongside their loved ones.

  • Did Tony get whacked? 'Sopranos' creator David Chase answers the question
    It's been seven years since "The Sopranos," HBO's groundbreaking drama about a New Jersey mob family, wrapped its Emmy-winning run. Yet the show's cut-to-black finale remains one of the most contentious endings for a TV series ever, with fans continuing to debate: Did crime boss Tony Soprano really get whacked in that last scene?Looks like the debate is over.

  • Betty Who performs ‘Somebody Loves You’ on TODAY

Daily Horoscopes


Your heightened emotions could be your friend or foe today. It all depends on how you use them and what's going on around you. If you're with people that you can trust, you'll have some profound insights into your feelings about them. But if you're with people who put you on your guard, your imagination will start to run riot and you'll end up feeling confused about people's motives.


Be careful today because your emotions are in a state of flux, which could lead to confusion and mixed messages. You should be especially aware of this when dealing with people of power or influence, in case you give them the wrong impression. It will also be difficult to keep track of your thoughts, so you'll appear to be absent-minded or distracted.


It will be difficult to concentrate today because your mind is on other things. In fact, you're floating off into a world of your own at every opportunity, and this will mean you come across as very absent-minded and vague. You're keen to tune into the atmosphere around you, and you'll be very good at this. So trust your instincts and listen to what they're telling you.


Your Cancerian intuition is working well today, particularly when thinking about a close partner. You might instinctively know that they're about to phone you, or you have such an intense dream about them that you can't stop thinking about them when you wake up. It's a day for following your gut feelings and you may be getting a strong hunch about this person.


If you're currently in two minds about your relationship with a certain person it will be even more difficult to work out what's going on today. For a start, you aren't thinking as clearly as normal so there's a chance that you might talk yourself into believing what you want to believe. You're also very susceptible to this person's charms and don't want to hurt them.


Take care of yourself because you won't have as much stamina as usual. This means you could get worn out quickly or want to spend the day in bed. It will do you far more good to rest and recuperate than to push yourself to the limit. However, if you have no choice but to keep busy, at least give yourself plenty of breaks and make sure you're eating and drinking sensibly.


If there have been problems with you-know-who recently, this is a good day to sort them out. You won't have to make a huge production out of it, either, because a few quiet words in their ear might be all that's needed to get things back on track. Alternatively, if someone wants to reason with you, you'll be very receptive to what they're saying.


You don't have much energy today and all you really want to do is to slump in a comfortable chair and do as little as possible. It will certainly do you good to have a break now and you'll struggle to do anything every energetic. Ideally, you should spend some time with loved ones, perhaps with them waiting on you hand and foot. Now that's more like it!


You need to slow down! You've been working at full tilt recently but today you realize that you can't keep this up for much longer without a break. Try to do as little as possible as often as possible, especially if this means relaxing with your feet up and forgetting about all the chores that are waiting for you. It will also be easy to unwind if you're in or near water.


Watch out when handling money today. You're slightly absent-minded right now and may not notice mistakes that take place until after the event. You could be short-changed or someone might charge you the wrong price for something you buy. If you are steadfastly ignoring some unpleasant financial facts, you'll have to face up to them sooner or later.


You're in a highly-charged emotional state, making you vulnerable to your shifting moods. If something upsets you, it's not the end of the world, but if something makes you happy you'll feel delirious with joy. Try to keep away from anyone who's draining because they'll have a bad impact on you, and you'll soak up their mood like a sponge.


You're in a very dreamy and preoccupied mood, so you seem to be wandering around in a world of your own. Ideally, you should take the day off so you can relax in peace, without having to worry about making mistakes or giving people the wrong impression because both of these are easily done right now. Try to steer clear of alcohol, because that will make you feel worse.


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