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You have some great ideas and you're eager to share them with anyone who'll listen. You're at your most enthusiastic and adventurous right now, which is great, but try not to let your imagination run away with you. If that happens, you'll get caught up in schemes that could never see the light of day because they're far too ambitious or grandiose. So know your limitations!


It may not be your usual style, but you can't help being slightly slipshod and slapdash today. You're much more interested in the big picture than in little details, which could be a problem if that means you overlook something vital. If you're seeing a medical expert today you must be specific about what's wrong, otherwise you could mislead them in some way.


You'll hear about some big ideas and grand schemes today, but do you really believe in them? They may have more to do with wishful thinking or sloppy logic than with hard fact, and it's important that you tell the difference between the two in case you're asked to put your weight behind a plan that's little more than hot air. You may also encounter a friend who's full of wild exaggerations.


Someone has big ideas today. Very, very big ideas, once they get going. The burning question is whether these ideas have any foundation in fact or whether they're pie in the sky. Bear this in mind if someone tries to sell you their fantastic new project or they're doing their best to talk you into backing their plans. Even though they mean it at the time, it may all come to nothing.


Someone's idea of what constitutes the truth is very different from yours today, as you'll soon discover when they start embroidering the facts or even making things up as they go along in order to tell a good story. This is all good fun and they probably don't mean to mislead you, but even so you shouldn't believe anything important in case it's untrue.


Be very careful with financial dealings or spending money today because you could get carried away. Your brain is working overtime right now, filling you with ideas that may not necessarily have much to do with reality. As a result, you could talk yourself into believing things that are never really likely to come true. Bear that in mind if you're discussing budgets because you may take a very rosy view of how much you can afford to spend.


Someone is full of big ideas but are they talking sense? If you listen to them for long you'll start to believe what this person is telling you, which may or may not be a wise move. Wait a few days before making any decisions because you have a tendency to be overly optimistic right now, so you'll only see the pros of any argument and none of the cons.


You need a pinch of salt when listening to a colleague or client today. They can't help exaggerating almost everything they say, probably to make it sound good or to attract everyone's attention. Watch out if you're sorting through lots of paperwork or filling in forms because you'll struggle to keep track of what you're doing after a while. You'll need several short breaks so you can regain your concentration.


A friend or loved one is very entertaining today but you shouldn't believe everything they say. They aren't deliberately lying to you but they are embroidering the facts in order to make them more interesting. They're also being very idealistic about something they hope will come true, and you can't help wondering how they'll feel if their expectations are dashed, as they almost inevitably will be.


You have some great ideas today, especially where home and work are concerned, but are you sure they're all feasible? Right now it's easy to get carried away and imagine that you're capable of much more than you can really achieve, so try not to fall into the trap of thinking that you're Superman or Superwoman. Think big but don't go over the top.


A certain person appears to have lost their grip on the truth today, judging by some of the things they're saying. They exaggerate wildly or embroider stories until they bear no resemblance to the original facts. This is all very entertaining but take care that you aren't infected by the same bug, making you spin tall tales that someone might believe until they discover that you didn't mean a word of them.


Be very wary about getting involved in any get-rich-quick schemes today, or anything else that apparently can't fail to bring you stacks of money. Even though it sounds great, unfortunately it will turn out to be empty promises and an expensive mistake, so keep your distance. You should also be careful if you're applying for a loan or mortgage because you could be persuaded to ask for more money than you really need. It will be great to have the spare cash but don't forget you'll be paying interest on it.


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