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Daily Horoscopes


You'll be happiest if you can concentrate on family and domestic matters. If you have the choice, you'll prefer to stay close to home and surrounded by familiar faces. If you enjoy cooking, it will give you great pleasure to concoct something delicious, whether you're going to eat it today or it's going in the freezer for a later date.


This is the perfect day for immersing yourself in mundane projects and activities, such as cleaning the house, doing the shopping or making lots of phone calls. You'll enjoy being busy with such things, and it will give you a great sense of satisfaction to know that you're making progress with them all. You might also do much more chatting than usual.


You need to do something that has a lot of meaning for you today, otherwise you'll feel dissatisfied and as though you've missed out in some way. For instance, if you love the outdoors you might enjoy a leisurely walk through a favourite park or piece of countryside, or if books are your passion you may feel compelled to spend hours browsing in your nearest bookshop.


Spend time today concentrating on personal matters. That might mean getting your hair cut, doing some essential shopping or, if you're really lucky, devoting a couple of hours to pampering yourself. You're very wrapped up in yourself today, which makes it difficult for you to think about anyone else for long. As a result, you may be happier if you can be left on your own.


You need a break from everyone today, preferably in comfortable surroundings. The fact is that you're lost in a world of your own at the moment and you don't want to snap out of it unless it's absolutely necessary. As a result of all this you're feeling very sensitive and slightly vulnerable, so won't want to spend too long hanging around anyone who's rumbustious or aggressive.


Try to get together with friends and other people who are on the same wavelength as you today. It's exactly what you're in the mood for and you'll enjoy the sense of camaraderie that develops between you as a result. You're also interested in humanitarian campaigns right now so might enjoy lending your support to something you consider to be a good cause.


You'll find yourself in the limelight today, whether you put yourself there intentionally or it happens by accident. For instance, you could be singled out for praise by your boss, or for some reason all eyes might be on you when you go shopping. You'll appreciate getting everyone's attention, provided of course that it's for the right reasons.


This is the perfect day for doing something a little bit different from normal. You're in a free-spirited and enthusiastic mood, so do things that reflect this. Why not enjoy visiting somewhere that makes you think, such as a library, information center or museum? You'll have fun if you can take off on a long-distance jaunt, too.


This is a day for getting to grips with your inner self, especially if you're still feeling a bit churned up after yesterday's dramas. Be honest with yourself about your current emotional state or, if necessary, confide in someone you trust who can help you to make sense of your feelings. It will help to reflect on the dreams you've had lately, as they'll give you clues about what's going on in your life.


Relationships go well today because you're very tuned into the people around you. Keep them happy, as you will feel much more fulfilled when you're with others than when you're on your own. But try not to cling to someone if it's obvious they'd rather be left alone for the time being. You don't want them to feel trapped in any way.


This is a day for applying your nose to the grindstone and getting on with your work. In the mood to be efficient, you take a lot of trouble over whatever you're doing, making you a very conscientious member of any team. Mind you, you won't be thrilled if your efforts are ignored by other people. You deserve a pat on the back!


Yesterday was difficult to cope with so today you're in the mood for some light relief. And, happily, you get it. It might arrive in the form of a special person who makes you feel glad to be alive, hearing your favourite song on the radio or simply feeling good about yourself. You aren't very keen on hard work right now, so try to put off anything very strenuous until you're more in the mood.


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