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Daily Horoscopes


Think about the progress you've made this month. Are you happy with what you've achieved? If you're working towards a project that has yet to see the light of day, this is the perfect opportunity to evaluate it and to plan your next step. However, you should be wary of sharing your ideas with too many people at this stage, in case you say too much or dissipate your energies.


This is a lovely day for getting together with friends. You're feeling highly sociable and it would be an awful shame to spend too much time on your own. You'll enjoy chatting about shared interests, and one person may even suggest that you join a club that they belong to because they think you'd like it. It's definitely worth following up.


Someone wants to get your attention. They may also be rather miffed if you're too busy to spend much time with them, so you'll have to handle them carefully. You aren't very keen on the idea of hard work, which is bad news if you're facing a lot of it. Look for any excuse to down tools and do something more pleasant.


There's a lot you can learn today, about all sorts of things, if you keep your mind open. Even an everyday act such as reading the newspaper or watching the television could leave you much better informed, and may even spark your curiosity and make you want to investigate something in a lot more detail. You may also consider signing up for a course or class in a subject that you've always wanted to know more about.


A certain person is being ultra possessive and moody today, making it difficult to be around them for long. Maybe they think they own you and they can dictate your every move, or perhaps they go into a big sulk whenever you vanish from their sight. Try to nip this in the bud before it becomes an established pattern of behavior between you. If it's already all too familiar you may have to put your foot down.


You could do with some light relief after the excitement of the past couple of days, so give yourself a break and get together with someone who always makes you laugh. Even so, the emotional temperature is still running high after yesterday so you need to find ways of keeping calm. How about channeling all this tension into enjoyable physical activities, such as dancing or jogging?


You don't have a lot of self-discipline today, so be careful if you're supposed to be watching your weight or monitoring what you eat, because you'll want to forget all that and indulge yourself instead. It would be far better to allow yourself a little treat and then return to your strict regime than to hold out until temptation gets the better of you and hurtles you into a massive binge.


You can really learn from experience today, Scorpio. Even everyday happenings will teach you something, so don't expect to have an earth-shattering encounter that suddenly turns you into an enlightened being. It's unlikely to happen like that. Instead, pay attention to the little details, such as the way someone behaves or your instinctive reactions to them.


Someone's feeling very sentimental and nostalgic today, so don't be surprised if they go all weepy. Maybe you're feeling like this too, in which case you'll enjoy looking through some treasured keepsakes, such as old letters or special photos. It's a lovely day for being with various members of the family, even if you're only having a cup of tea together.


You're in a conventional mood today, happy to follow tried and tested patterns of behavior rather than to strike out in bold new directions. That means you might prefer to meet up with old friends you've known since the year dot instead of people you're still getting to know. If you're involved in a discussion or negotiation you'll take a traditional approach, especially if it's one that's worked for you in the past.


You end the month on a practical note, full of common sense and eager to make the most of your valuable time. You aren't in the mood to waste anything, whether it's your words, your time, your energy or your cash. If you need to make a decision about a pet, this is a good day for getting a second opinion or researching your options.


Busy, busy, busy! You're in such a hurry today that you don't know what to do first. Well, try to work out a schedule otherwise you'll waste a lot of your energy by going round in circles or getting in a state about silly things. You might also get very irritable with anyone who's operating at a slower pace than you or who seems to have their head in the clouds. Right now, you're better off if left to your own devices.


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