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Daily Horoscopes


Do yourself a favor and give your mind some exercise. Check out the internet, watch a current affairs program, or get involved in a wide-ranging discussion. You'll also enjoy playing with children, especially if you all do something frivolous. And if you've got time after all that, enjoy having a good chat with a loved one.


This is a wonderful day for devoting yourself to the love and care of some of your loved ones. You might be inspired to invite some of the family over for a slap up dinner, in which you give them a treat by cooking their favourite food. Alternatively, you might enjoy pottering about at home, making a few improvements or dreaming up a redecorating scheme.


You're extremely articulate today, so make the most of it. It's a brilliant day for putting across your point of view, whether you're doing it in the course of a friendly conversation or you're trying to win an argument. You'll also really enjoy putting your brain to good use through an intellectual activity or by losing yourself in a good book.


This is a fabulous day for buying things for your home, family or garden. You don't have to spend a fortune in the process although you'll certainly enjoy splashing your cash around if you have it. If you're doing some cooking you'll probably prepare far more food than you need, but you'll enjoy eating it all up unless you can be really strong-willed and hide the leftovers in the fridge.


Give your brain plenty of exercise today. Read the serious articles in the newsfeed, watch an intellectual TV program, or read a book that really makes you think. You might also get involved in a mind-stretching debate with someone, forcing you to think through your arguments and present your case in the most articulate and intelligent way you can.


Try to smooth things over after yesterday's outbursts, because you have quite a way with you today. Ideally, you should talk about your innermost feelings and let others do the same. If you hear a confidence, make sure you can keep it. You certainly shouldn't try to remember it so you can pass it on to someone else later on.


Enjoy yourself today by spending time with friends and kindred spirits. You don't have to do anything very ambitious or special, either, to have fun. If you're taking part in a group activity you'll have a wonderful time and will get a lot out of the experience. Even if you arrived knowing no one, you'll leave with a warm glow and the phone numbers of several people.


Someone needs a pep talk today, and you're exactly the right person to give it to them. You don't have to go over the top or give them a lecture, but simply boost their morale and renew their self-confidence. Even a few words of encouragement will make a big difference to this person's mood, so don't underestimate the impact that your words can have on them.


You need some light relief after yesterday's traumatic outbursts, so arrange to meet up with some friends or spend time on one of your favourite hobbies. You'll also have a good time with someone who comes from another country or a different background to yours, and you'll enjoy discussing your contrasting experiences.


There's still quite a lot of emotional tension in the air but it's nothing like it was yesterday. What a relief! Even so, you'll have to cope with someone who's being very demanding and who obviously wants more attention than you're willing or able to give them. There could also be competition between two women, which will lead to some dodgy moments. But never mind, it will all blow over.


You're in the mood for some entertaining and lively conversation, preferably with people who are intelligent and who know what they're talking about. You enjoy discussing last night's TV programs, but right now you want to talk about more important, serious topics such as politics, religion or world poverty. However, there's romance in the air....


You're in a convivial mood today, making it easy for you to get on well with everybody. It won't really matter if they're colleagues, customers or close partners because whoever they are you'll try to keep them amused. You'll also do your best to behave fairly and pleasantly to all concerned, and it will be a lot easier than you might think.


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