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Daily Horoscopes


Relationships are high on your list of priorities right now and everything else will have to take a temporary back seat. Your idea of heaven is to get together with some good friends or with your other half, and have some fun with them. It's also a great day for taking part in a group activity, and you may end up being in charge or taking the lead in some way.


You have plenty of fire to channel into your work, and as a result you'll enjoy doing everything to the best of your ability. This is great if you've been trying to summon up the energy to do something tedious or rather difficult, because you'll happily wade right in now and do your best. This is also a good day for sorting out problems with colleagues by being straightforward.


Today's positive and up-beat mood rubs off on everyone who comes within sniffing distance, so don't be surprised if they're reluctant to leave your side. Use your current energy to get ahead with challenging or difficult projects that normally sap your strength. Right now, you have the stamina and impetus to tackle them and make a success of them.


There's plenty of plenty of energy and enthusiasm in the air, which will help to propel you through the day and ensure that you get a lot done. It's an especially good day for getting on with household chores or creating order out of chaos in the garden. You may wish to set a loved one right about a financial matter, but don't be a bully about it.


You're feeling robust and energetic, and you have a strong urge to do whatever appeals to you. This may mean that you postpone something that you don't fancy doing so you can have more fun with another activity. You'll also be quite forceful when talking to partners, especially if you want to persuade them into seeing things from your point of view. But will you know when to back off? Let's hope so!


If something has been worrying you lately Virgo, try to get it off your chest now. It will do you good to discuss it in a lot of detail, and you'll manage to stop short of going round and round in circles. Some physical activity is good for you, too, especially if it's therapeutic. For instance, you might decide to combine an exercise regime with some house-cleaning or gardening.


A surge of enthusiasm sweeps over you today, making you eager to get things done or to finish off something that's been hanging over you lately. So if you escaped from reality yesterday, you should use today's energy to face up to whatever is currently requiring your attention and then to do something constructive about it.


You're in a more upbeat mood today, although you'd be happier if you can stay within familiar surroundings. How about being busy at home, doing some cleaning, cooking or decorating? If you suspect that a loved one is a bit weedy, you could give them a pep talk. But don't be too hard on them.


This is a good day for sorting out minor problems and fixing anything that's about to go on the blink. Perhaps it's about time you took your car in for a service, or had that irritating little rattle checked out by the garage in case it's an indication that something serious is going wrong. If you own a computer, tidy up some of its files or run a program that checks it for bugs, viruses and other problems.


There have been days recently when you've acted against your own best interests by being unsure of yourself, hesitant or all too keen to put yourself down. Luckily, you're much more confident of your abilities today and you're keen to advertise them whenever you get the chance. You'll also feel more self assured and authoritative if you must tell someone what to do or take charge of a situation.


Thank goodness you're in a more upbeat and exuberant mood after yesterday's rather miserable atmosphere. Blow away the cobwebs by doing something that puts a spring in your step or fills you with energy. It will do you good to get out into the fresh air, and you'll also enjoy organizing something nice for the future so you can look forward to it.


After yesterday's desire to enjoy as much peace and quiet as possible, you're now in the mood to throw yourself into the swing of things whenever you get the chance. It's a really good day for getting together with a special person in your life, whether you have romantic designs on them or you enjoy a different sort of relationship. It will feel great to be in their company.


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