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No matter what else is on your agenda today, try to make time for friends. They'll instinctively know how you're feeling and you'll find it easy to talk to them. It's an especially good day for making amends if there's been a slight coolness between you and a chum recently, because you'll be keen to make the first move if necessary and will have no qualms about losing face by doing so.


Make an effort to get on well with older friends and relatives today, especially if they can sometimes be slightly tricky. You shouldn't have any problems with them right now, particularly if you go out of your way to understand their point of view and listen to what they're saying. If you offer to do them a favor or help them out in some way, then so much the better.


You're feeling very sympathetic towards the plight of others today and will do your best to help anyone who's going through a bad time. You may even know that someone is in trouble without them having to tell you because somehow you'll pick it up through their mood or body language. But you must remember that while you can sympathize, you may not be able to wave a magic wand and make everything better.


You're in a generous mood today, especially if you suspect that someone is struggling to keep their head above water financially. You'll do what you can to help yet you'll never lose sight of their need to keep their dignity. If you're trying to unravel a financial problem of your own at the moment you'll make progress now by talking to someone in authority.


You'll do your utmost to ensure that everyone has a good time today. You're in a very considerate mood and want to put people at their ease. You'll be very charming, but take care not to give the wrong impression to anyone who might take advantage of it another time. For instance, you don't want to give the impression that you fancy someone if you don't really.


There's a delightful sense of co-operation and camaraderie in the air today, whether you experience it at work, with friends or with your other half. It seems that everyone is happy to do whatever they can for everyone else, and they're also prepared to give people the benefit of the doubt when necessary. If someone isn't very well, you'll be the first to mop their brow or tuck them up in bed.


An easygoing and understanding mood today makes you eager to appreciate others as they really are, rather than as the people you'd like them to be. Take them at face value and accept that we all have our faults as well as our good points. This is a great attitude if you need to forgive someone for a recent transgression.


You're gripped by wishful thinking today, which puts you in a reflective and wistful mood. You might spend a lot of time thinking about the past, or even leafing through some precious keepsakes. However, it's important that you come down to earth when dealing with anything practical to avoid making a wrong decision or convincing yourself that a fantasy is actually true.


You're very eager to show a certain person that you're on their side right now, especially if you think they're being treated unfairly for some reason. You might want to give them your emotional support or encourage them yet again to tell you all about it. They'll appreciate knowing that they have your backing.


You're reluctant to stray too far from familiar faces and places today, because these make you feel safe and cosy. In a perfect world, you would stay at home with your feet up, doing as little as is humanly possible without feeling guilty about it. Unfortunately, reality may be rather different, so you'll have to grab those moments of relaxation whenever you can get them. But you still shouldn't feel guilty!


Typical, beautiful Aquarius you have a kind word for everyone you meet today, whether you already know them or they're complete strangers. Right now you're doing your best to be helpful, considerate and polite, and also to give others the benefit of the doubt where necessary. In your spare time, you'll enjoy relaxing with close relatives or neighbors who feel more like friends.


Do yourself a favor and devote some time to activities that make your world go round. For instance, you might get busy with a favourite occupation or make a point of seeing one of the most important people in your life. This is definitely a day for pampering yourself, even if all you can do is buy yourself a bar of chocolate or have a long soak in the bath. It's quality rather than quantity that counts now!


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