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Daily Horoscopes


The most satisfying way to spend the day is to roll up your sleeves and get on with some chores. You're feeling industrious and practical, and you'll enjoy looking at everything you've achieved. It doesn't matter whether you're busy at home or at work; what's important is to set yourself some targets and then achieve them in the most effective way you can manage.


You're full of beans, and you want to enjoy yourself whenever you get the chance. You're also feeling extremely chatty, so it will be difficult to get down to any hard work because you just aren't in the mood for it. A local activity, such as a neighborhood meeting, will turn out to be much more fun than you first thought, and may even lead to an invitation from someone.


Have a look around your home and decide whether it could do with some tender loving care. Should you move the furniture around, is it time to do some decorating or is the garden in need of an emergency weeding session? It will give you pleasure to potter around, doing odd jobs and generally taking care of your domestic surroundings.


This is a wonderful day for keeping busy. You won't want to do anything else, actually, and may even feel rather frustrated and trapped if you don't have much to occupy your time. Ideally, you should take lots of little journeys, chat to plenty of people and introduce some enjoyable variety into your schedule. Even small interruptions will be welcome now.


You need to devote at least part of the day to something that means a lot to you, otherwise you'll feel as though you've missed out in some way. For instance, you could get involved in a charitable or voluntary cause that gives you a warm glow of satisfaction, or you might lend a hand to someone who can't fend for themselves very easily. You'll also appreciate having some peace and quiet at some point.


You need to make contact with friends today, even if you can only spare the time for a quick chat on the phone or a hurried cup of coffee at lunchtime. It will do you good to be with like-minded people, especially if you have something you want to discuss with them. You'll also enjoy becoming engrossed in a favourite hobby until it's all you can think about.


You've been very sociable over recent days but you feel a strong need for your own company. So try to enjoy some solitude at some point, otherwise you'll really feel that you're missing out. It's also a good opportunity to work by yourself because you'll enjoy having the chance to think without anyone interrupting you.


Feeling better after yesterday's lack of energy? You should be and this is a good day for mixing with people who are on the same wavelength as you and for enjoying their company. You'll also enjoy getting involved in a lively discussion that tests your brain and your intellectual abilities, or which teaches you more about other people's beliefs and ways of life.


You're in a very businesslike mood today, so it's great for getting to grips with anything that calls for a cool head and steady nerves. For instance, maybe this is the perfect day to sort out that bureaucratic tangle you've been trying not to think about, or perhaps you've finally got up the energy to ring the taxman or get in touch with your bank about something that's dreary but important.


Spend time with other people today because they'll make you feel good. It's perfect for getting together with someone who's on the same wavelength as you or who shares some of your beliefs. If you haven't heard from someone who lives far away or in another country, get in touch with them so you can find out how they are.


You're feeling industrious and businesslike, which is great for getting things done. Getting on well with colleagues and customers will make life easy and give you a sense of satisfaction. If you've yet to pay a bill or make contact with a financial institution, do it now while you're thinking about it. It will be good to know that it's all done and out of the way.


You're in a great mood today, especially if you can get together with people whose company you always enjoy. Maybe you could do something special with your other half or plan a treat for your children? You're being very charming right now, which is great for knowing exactly what to say to certain people who aren't always easy. Choose your words carefully and you'll have these tricky so-and-sos eating out of your hand.


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