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From today you have a powerful hankering for familiar faces and places, and you won't be happy if you stray too far from home. Make the most of this domesticated phase by doing lots of entertaining at home, or arranging a big family get-together. It's also a great opportunity to give your house or garden anything from a mini facelift to a major overhaul.


Communications come easily to you at the best of times, but you'll be even more adept at them during the next few weeks. There will be occasions when it seems you can't put a foot wrong and you always manage to talk your way out of tricky situations. This will be a marvellous opportunity to get involved in buying and selling, or in any form of negotiation.


Something or someone gets under your skin today, making it difficult for you to get through the day without losing your temper or raising your voice at some point. If you're in charge of other people, whether they're your children or your employees, try not to come across as bossy and dictatorial, even if that's how you're feeling.


You've been in a very self-contained and private frame of mind during the past couple of weeks but from today you start to emerge from your shell. This won't happen overnight but even so you're already feeling a little bit more sociable and outgoing. You might also start making some personal plans, such as arranging to get your hair done or booking up a forthcoming outing.


Today you embark on a short phase in which you want to retreat from the world, both mentally and emotionally, and have some time to yourself. You'll value your privacy even more than usual, and at times you'll prefer your own company to that of other people. It will help to tell loved ones how you're feeling, in case they think they've done something wrong or you've gone off them.


Take care because there's a lot of tension in the air today and it's bound to affect you sooner or later. For instance, there could be a difficult atmosphere between you and a certain person that keeps brewing up until it erupts in a bad-tempered outburst. You may also embarrass yourself by losing your cool in front of a lot of people.


You've been having fun this month and exploring more of the world but the time has now come for you to switch your focus to your long-term goals and ambitions. This means thinking about what you want to achieve and then doing your best to make it happen. This may involve retraining or brushing up your existing skills, so be prepared to consider such eventualities.


Over the next couple of weeks you'll enjoy journeys of exploration, whether these are emotional, mental, physical or spiritual. What's important is that you don't limit yourself in any way through fear, although you'll have to abide by common sense and by your budget. You might also lose your heart to someone who comes from a different country or culture.


There's a lot of unresolved tension in the air today, which leads to a difficult atmosphere with a certain person. Sadly, it seems that the better you know this person the more likely they are to annoy you, even if they aren't doing it deliberately. You may also be coping with resentments or other problems that are left over from the past and which need to be released.


Relationships take on increased importance from today, and during the next few weeks you'll want to make them as enjoyable and harmonious as possible. This might involve devoting more time to them and also listening more to the people in your life. So let them tell you what they think about things, so you gain a greater insight into what makes them tick.


You need to start thinking about your general health from today, especially if you know there's room for improvement. You also need to consider your current job situation and how you feel about it. If you've been at loggerheads with a colleague recently, now is your chance to start building bridges between you.


You embark on a creative phase from today, during which you'll enjoy expressing yourself through artistic activities. These could be anything from painting to dancing, or perhaps you prefer to watch other people displaying their talents. You'll also enjoy being with children, and might even plan a special outing for some of them.


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