Not a Record Breaker, But Still Plenty Of Spring Break Arrests

It's already been a busy Spring Break for local police.

Panama City Beach police officials released these numbers for their own department, as well as the Highway Patrol and the state Department of Alcoholic Beverage and Tobacco.

During the first 3-weeks of Spring Break, beach officers answered more than 3,300 calls for service, arrested 440-people, issued 886 traffic tickets, worked more than 200-traffic crashes, and answered 152 medical calls.

The numbers for the Florida Highway Patrol and Beverage Agents are just for the 2-week period from March 6th through March 19th.
State Troopers issued almost 3-thousand traffic tickets and made 15 D-U-I arrests.

State Beverage Agents have handled the bulk of the case against underage drinkers. They've made cases against 12-hundred-38 minors in-possession of alcohol, charged a total of 13-hundred people on an assortment of charges and arrested just under 13-hundred.

With 2-more weeks of spring break left, those numbers will go up.

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  • by Helene Location: Panama City on Mar 23, 2011 at 01:21 PM
    I believe that children and robots are our future. We must teach them and program them with positive images and thoughts. A burly and mean police officer will do nothing to improve their programs and sub-routines. If we expect children and robots to be our future leaders then we need to start treating them as such now.
  • by local Location: PC on Mar 22, 2011 at 02:52 PM
    Spring Break is annoying but it brings in more revenue than any other source we have. If you don't like the sound of trains, you don't buy a house next to the tracks! If you don't like spring breakers then don't live in a spring break destination. Everyone seems to hate the breakers but noone has any ideas of what to replace them with in terms of revenue generated. All I hear is people complaining but not coming up with solutions, my ( personal ) solution is to avoid the beach when they are here. I used to live on the beach but moved into town where it's quieter.
  • by Katrina Schramm Location: Panama City Beach on Mar 22, 2011 at 02:06 PM
    If you saw more bad behavior by the cops then the breakers Dave. Then you were NOT paying attention.
  • by DaveV Location: PC on Mar 22, 2011 at 02:02 PM
    Lisa, according to your post you don't live in PC or PCB ( South Walton, it's a different county right? ), which would leave me to believe if you are watching the happenings going on here then you are traveling over here to do so. Spring Break has declined in the last 14 years I've been here, it used to be almost 3 months long, now it's barely 8 weeks. Having also have worked in a bar here most of them are of legal age to drink ( I am not defending their stupid decisions involving the alcohol though ). Alot of the "problems" are due to lack of planning on behalf of the powers that be. For some reason Spring Break seems to catch everyone off guard every year and the city never seems ready for them. The vast majority of the breakers are here to have a good time, unfortunately people like to focus on the negatives instead of the positives. The revenue brought in by far is higher than the damaged caused.
  • by LisaA Location: South Walton on Mar 22, 2011 at 08:35 AM
    Dave, I disagree. I have lived here all of my life and every year the multitude of Spring Breakers gets worse and worse. There was never, never, anything in the 60's 70's and 80's like there is now. The majority of them used to go farther South but Panama City set themselves up to be a Spring Break destination and problems escalated over years. These are not tourists who come during this time, these are young and underage kids who come here to drink till they puke and then drink some more. They dump tons of garbage, tear up hotels rooms and jump balconies till someone dies, it is disgusting sitting back and watching it happen.
    • reply
      by Katrina Schramm on Mar 22, 2011 at 02:08 PM in reply to LisaA
      I agree with you Lisa!
  • by haylee Location: PCB on Mar 22, 2011 at 08:03 AM
    I have to agree with dave and bay county. they spend time and money gettin them here knowin they are comin to party, then want to complain about it.
  • by DaveV Location: PC on Mar 22, 2011 at 07:03 AM
    Good to see these arrests taking place, we all know that there would be no crime around here without spring breakers. It's the spring breakers that bring the methlabs, the drive-bys in Callaway, the burglaries throughout the area, this would be a crime free paradise without them and their revenue. By the way, based on these numbers around 1-3% of the spring breakers are causing trouble, the majority are just having a good time. If you don't like living at a spring break destination you shouldn't have moved to one, Bay county has been one since the 1960s. Anyone willing to bet on how many complainers were at one time Spring Breakers themselves?
  • by Katrina Location: FL on Mar 22, 2011 at 05:30 AM
    Should have been more arrests from what I saw out there!
  • by Dave Location: Pcb on Mar 22, 2011 at 05:13 AM
    Cops gone wild! I saw more bad behavior by the boys in blue than spring breakers.
  • by Bay county Location: Panama City on Mar 21, 2011 at 07:45 PM
    Looks like the State of Florida and PCB police are using Spring Break to balance their budgets.
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