Music minister arrested for indecent exposure

By: Meredith TerHaar Email
By: Meredith TerHaar Email

Panama City - A Lynn Haven man is out on bond Thursday night after being arresting for exposing himself to an undercover officer at a Panama City Park Thursday afternoon.

NewsChannel 7 spoke with Sgt. Jeff Becker with the Panama City Police Department who told said the department had received several complaints about an individual exposing himself and engaging in other illegal activity at Joe Moody Harris Park. An undercover officer was sent to the park Thursday to investigate.

Police arrested 55-year-old Manuel Garcia II at 1:15pm at the park on East 8th Court. The report says Garcia pulled up to the undercover officer's vehicle and made a suggestive gesture with his hand. Police say the officer rolled down his window and spoke to Garcia who asked the officer to get into his vehicle. When the officer declined, police say Garcia exposed himself, then fondled himself.

Garcia is well-known as the music minister at First Baptist Church in Panama City. Sgt. Becker says Garcia was charged only with a misdemeanor. Garcia posted $250 bond and was released Thursday afternoon.

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  • by Observer on Sep 9, 2011 at 06:49 PM
    (unrepressed and/or anonymous), I hope you don’t mind if I interject an observation. You went from unrepressed to anonymous and I think that is reflected in your comments, which makes me doubt that they are from the same person but it’s really not relevant. Anonymous seems to be a little more articulate. Even with your excellent skills in communication your argument is stale and blasé. It is the same old redundant (that’s not what the Bible means) drivel that I have heard for the thirty years I have been a Christian. Reading your comments reminded me of the Scripture that says: “Professing themselves wise they became fools”. This was made crystal clear with the comment, “Trying to obtain sexual favors in a public setting is the only offense here”……that is like saying the only offense of the terrorists on 9/11 was they were flying without a license!
  • by Wayne on Sep 9, 2011 at 02:20 PM
    Dear Anonymous, Wayne Here! First, changing a person’s sexuality is as simple as changing their hearts. Second, I don’t have an interpretation of the Bible (I simply believe what is says) so one could accuse YOU of being “presumptuous”. Third, …“the scriptures positions on sexuality which do vary based upon the time and culture?” Seriously? Time and culture always change but the Scriptures NEVER change. People change their “interpretation” of the Scriptures to justify their life style or choices but have yet to change Scriptures and they never will! Fourth, as for the stoning of recalcitrant children I am absolutely against it but I am still on the fence about stoning recalcitrant adults who produce recalcitrant children! Last but not least,” The object of his desire is simply superfluous” Really? Since you would make such a statement when the object of his desire was a COP, would you stand by your statement if the object of his desire was a goat? The Old Testament has a lot to say about that also!
  • by Dr. Phil on Sep 9, 2011 at 01:19 PM
    Joan, you said, ..“as you get older your sex needs change”... While this may be true, your “VOWS” should remain the same. I’m getting older but not once have I felt the “need” to go out to a public park and wave "mister weasel" at an undercover officer or anyone else! As for wondering if he was “getting any at home” the answer is NO! The mere suggestion that it might be his wife’s fault is beyond asinine! However, it does make me wonder if YOUR idea of good marriage is, if you “bang his brains out” often enough he will be faithful and never wander! I personally do not subscribe to this theory but it is possible that physically he would be too weak to leave the house but I would always wonder if it was the lack of strength or fidelity that kept him home. As for no one knows what went on in the bedroom, that’s exactly how it should be! Whatever was or was not going on in the bedroom doesn’t make going out to a public place and soliciting a cop for sex a reasonable solution. Devastating family and friends is the end result! I can not imagine what they are going through and obviously you can’t either. Family counseling is not your strength! God bless the Garcias!
  • by Anonymous on Sep 9, 2011 at 10:27 AM
    First of all Wayne, it is highly presumptuous of you to infer anything whatsoever about my sexuality. A person's sexuality is a very difficult thing to change. Secondly, not all Christians accept your interpretation of the Bible; i.e., there are other ways and means of interpreting scripture besides the evangelical or fundamentalist positions. I would surmise from your post that you are well aware of the scriptures positions on sexuality which do vary based upon the time and culture. Stoning adulterers and homosexuals are acceptable in the Old Testament; however, so is the stoning of recalcitrant children. Furthermore, I do not appreciate your referring to me as Dr. Freud (assuming you know who he was). Instead of kicking Mr. Garcia to the curb, he should be helped and by that I do not mean "cured." He simply made a stupid choice. The object of his desire is simply superfluous. Trying to obtain sexual favors in a public setting is the only offense here.
  • by Joan Location: PC on Sep 9, 2011 at 07:28 AM
    As you get older your sex needs change....makes you wonder was he getting any at home? Alot of blame been put on him....but no one knows what went on in "there" bedroom but them! Maybe his needs weren't being he did the unthinkable not realizing he was gonna get caught. There's no excuse but just saying!
  • by Glorida Location: PC on Sep 9, 2011 at 07:25 AM
    I feel Bro. Manny lost sight of the goal; being a Christian and winning souls to Christ. When he was at his weakest, he gave in to flesh. Yes that is called sin but haven't we all sinned and come up short? It's more publicized because he was the "Music Minister" of FBC.
  • by John Location: Panama City on Sep 8, 2011 at 08:28 PM
    People are making a bigger deal of this simply because he's a Christian; although this problem is rampant in our society regardless of personal belief. It's a socially-engineered bias in this increasingly secular culture. Everybody's a sinner, but wow this is quite a big one because it shows intent, and forethought and planning on a public level. The whole point of being a follower of Christ isn't to have some kind of la-la feel-good "assurance" that you're going to heaven--rather, it is to love Christ and to do what Christ told us to do. And if you fail in that, you are supposed to repent; meaning you're sincerely sorry for having damaged your relationship with Christ and you change your life. I'll leave it at that.
  • by Ward on Sep 8, 2011 at 01:05 PM
    Dear NoturJuneCleaver, Ward here! Clever arn't we? WOW IF THIS MAN IS GODLY....WERE ALL SCREWED!!!!...Speak for yourself June! Not me! I'm a Christian! LOL TYPICAL BAPTIST,...Please expound if possible please... IM GONNA PRAY NOW FOR MY DRINKIN IM GONNA DO LATER..AN YALL PRAY TO NOW SO WE CAN DRINK TOGETHER AND COME BACK IN TO CHURCH TOMMOROW!!! I labored over your "spellin" and sentence structure it was obvious to me that you are farther along in your "drinkin" than your "prayin" GOD LOVE YE SINNERS!!!....I hate to be the one to tell you sport but YOU are part of YE! Have a blessed day!
  • by Wayne on Sep 8, 2011 at 12:46 PM
    Re:unrepressed Thank you Dr. Freud for that remarkable insight and the not so subtle justification of your own sexuality. You seem to be rich in opinions but in absolute poverty about what the Scriptures say about "sexuality". Not only are you unrepressed but uninformed as well. Opinions are temporal but God's Word is forever settled in heaven. Guess which one will endure to the END? Also the express purpose of FBC, Christ and the Bible is to "change us" from who we are to who we should be! It is my prayer that you will find the Truth and the Truth will set YOU free.
  • by Tommy on Sep 8, 2011 at 09:36 AM
    "I always knew something was wrong about him." Really?A bold statement with just enough courage to post it anonymously and after the fact! Interesting! It is always the same group that rejoice and cry crucify him when a Christian falls. They celebrate this event with such zeal that they are totally oblivious to the Golden Calf right in front of them! May our Lord protect Manny and his family from these vipers and hipocrites!
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