How Secure Are We?

We'd like to think that the United States national security is secure, but a man who works for a local branch of an intelligence contractor says we may have already compromised national secrets to a foreign country.

Scott Traudt's job at ATS is to gather intelligence information and potential threats to the United States. He was recently gathering nuclear security data, when he found something that raised the hair on the back of his neck.

Traudt says the Department of Homeland Security has awarded a "sole source-no-bid contract" to a company called Hutchinson-Whampoa. The owner is a Chinese man who has strong ties to the Chinese military.

The contract calls for Hutchinson-Whampoa to handle security for all the cargo that comes into the port in Freeport, Bahamas. The port will soon be equipped with a device called the Straddler. It's a machine security workers will use to search for weapons of mass destruction and nuclear weapons.

Traudt says the Stradler is top secret and shouldn't be in the hands of anyone friendly with the Chinese Army, even though the United States is on a "friendly" basis with China.

"Given the ramifications of allowing a foreign company to take charge of nuclear security for the U.S., that's what I'm asking. Why is a foreign company being allowed to handle nuclear security for the United States?"

And Traudt raises questions about China's intentions. He says two Chinese army colonels recently published a book called "Unrestricted Warfare." The book describes how to topple a super power like the United States, using non-traditional methods of war, things like de-stablizing the financial markets, disrupting the flow of oil and domestic terror attacks.

Traudt points out China is the world's fastest growing consumer of oil and competes with the U.S. for oil supplies.

He says if China is serious about destablizing America, allowing a Chinese company to handle security at a major cargo port, just 60 miles from the Florida coastline, would create the potential for another 9/11 style attack, this time using cargo ships instead of airliners.

Traudt contacted several federal intelligence agencies and members of Congress who are on the Homeland Security Committee. He says several have now requested copies of his report, and the Freeport port security contract.

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