The Deadly Shower Curtain

By: Whitney Ray
By: Whitney Ray

Taking a shower could do more harm than good. A report released today claims chemicals in vinyl shower curtains are making people sick. Some people are taking the news with a grain of salt.

From bottled water… to cell phones… these days it seems everything is bad for you. Fluoride in tap water maybe good for your teeth... but bad for your brain.

The latest threat is in the bathroom… but don’t boycott bathing just yet---- it’s your shower curtain causing problems. A new report released nationwide claims chemicals in vinyl shower curtains are making people sick.

Concerned groups listed 108 chemicals they say are inhaled when you open a new shower curtain.

The smell of a new vinyl shower curtain is really strong and some people like it… the report claims that’s part of the danger.

Norene Chase took a sniff. She claims the smell was so strong she had to hang her shower curtain outside.

“There was a terrific strong smell from it and I didn’t like it, it felt dangerous to me.”

Justin Long is turning his nose up at the report, and not just because he don’t like the smell.

“Things kind of change over the years, you know, milk’s dangerous for you, or something like that… Its crazy talk I guess.”

Erin Loewe says you can’t believe everything that you read.

“I don pay attention, I do take some of it with a grain of salt, and you just try to have a common sense approach. If you paid attention to everything, you’d freak out all the time.”

Whether it’s the chemicals in your curtain or Fluoride in your water flow the bigger risk maybe not bathing at all.

The report claims people should avoid vinyl shower curtains and instead use cloth curtains. The US Consumer Product Safety Commission says they’re not convinced vinyl shower curtains are a heath hazard.

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