Baby Lemurs Visit ZooWorld

PANAMA CITY BEACH-- All right, you have to admit it. These guys are adorable and they're pretty spunky too - and they are the newest addition at ZooWorld.

"These Lemurs originate from the island of Madagascar, that's their natural habitat, and they are visiting us this summer from another facility in Florida. These guys are a couple of months old, so they're still fairly young and they are eating a mixture of milk and specialized biscuits made for these guys and also bananas," Stephanie Willard-Sinnett said.

You too can have an encounter with these three madcap merry makers from Madagascar

"Our encounter programs and ambassador animals are very important because it gives us a chance to get folks up close and personal with them so they can learn hands-on about them. But it also gives the animals a chance to socialize with humans...they are extremely social creatures and as far as lemurs go, they create a lot of their bonding through social grooming and socializing amongst each other. Its actually a very, very important part of their daily life."

So you should come out to ZooWorld and have some play-time with these new baby lemurs who are yet to be named, but I have a name for them - I think I'm gonna call them Larry, Curly and Moe. Hey Moe, hey Moe!

ZooWorld is looking for summer volunteers - just go by their location on Front Beach Road.

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