Summertime Laziness

Summer is here and if your brain seems to wilt in the summertime heat, there may be a reason. Doctors say we start associating summertime with laziness early on.

"From the time we're pretty young we've developed impressions that summertime is associated with more leisure, less critical thinking, less requirement, and we really live that out," Scott Bea
Psy.D., Cleveland Clinic, said.

Studies have shown that when the weather is nice, people tend to focus on what they'd rather be doing, other than the task at hand. In fact, one Harvard study found just showing people pictures of nice weather affected productivity. Other studies show working conditions that are hot and muggy may also reduce our attention and energy levels.

Bea explains, "You can learn calculus in a room that's 120 degrees, but it's a lot easier when it's just 70 degrees and actually, that's what they find. That the optimal temperature is somewhere between 72 and 81 degrees for our brains to operate."

People also tend to get happier as the summer solstice approaches and the days get warmer and longer. Researchers say this may cause us to do less analyzing and to make quicker decisions that are not thought-out.

So what's the cure? Doctors say operate on a moderate level this summer, but don't fall behind. Understand it's a good time to take a break because your brain wants it, anyway.

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