The Art of Yard Sales

When the economy started to sink a few years ago, the second hand market started to boom. Donna tagged along with one dedicated bargain hunter to see how far she can stretch her dollars.

There's no sleeping in for Amy Wesley on a Saturday morning! Her day starts with a scavenger hunt in search of the best deal in town!

"Oh look, they have the tents up! schnazzy! Is this like a fancy yard sale?"

Amy is one of many who indulge in the growing market of yard sales! Donna tagged along to see just how much we can buy with ten bucks..

"Ten dollars is all we're spending today, right? All day, ten dollars, that's it?! You'd be surprised how much you can get for ten dollars going yard saling!"

As we make our way through our first stop, Amy scours the deals.

"Is that... boxing gloves? Boxing gloves! Yeah, but you don't box! I could learn to box!" said Amy.

At 8-bucks, the gloves don't fit the budget so Amy moves on, stumbling across an old clock.

"I kinda collect clocks, like, I have a bunch of them around my house, literally my house looks like a crazy person's garage, I probably shouldn't have these things!"

But no matter how much you fall in love with an item, Amy knows the key to a good deal.. is playing hardball!

"It's real I swear! Deal? Deal!"

Next, we venture down the street, where more neighbors are hocking their goods.

"I have a friend who's, like, obsessed with anything English!"

Not only is a yard sale great for the buyer, she's going to make out like a bandit but it's also a great thing for the seller. This man has already made thousands of dollars!

"We've made a couple thousand today just on this yard sale, but there’s been a lot of antiques and a lot of old stuff, everybody is just handing over money to me!” said seller Jeff Whiting.

When asked if it was worth it, Whiting answered “Absolutely!"

We scour a few more yard sales trying to make the most of our dollars.

“oh look Jones New York, Fancy! That's a pretty good brand, Jones NY. They've got some pretty good stuff here"

But at two dollars for a blouse, not good enough. The average garage sale clothing item is 59-cents, according to

So Amy moves on heading to her favorite Saturday stomping grounds, The Catholic Charities Thrift Store. Its like multiple garage sales lumped together, but benefiting a good cause.

"You can spend eight dollars and fill up a garbage bag with clothes so that's pretty cool"
Her ten dollars has gone a long way.

"I'll let you have all that for a dollar, so five dollars total. Good, 'cause that's all I have left!"

So what did Amy get for ten bucks? She bought four outfits, two sets of vintage coasters, a 100-year-old checkers set, new shoes, a clock, and various knick-knacks.

Amy says she hasn’t shopped in a retail store in about seven years and her yearly clothing budget is around 30 bucks.

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