Georgia Boss Sends "War Declared" Memo To Staff

The day after the election brought quite a shock to workers at a Georgia doctor's office. They say they received a letter from one of the doctors they work for. It’s a memo that most would not expect to receive from their boss -- titled “war declared.”

It opens with the line "since slackers have declared war on me by electing evil incarnate as president and guaranteeing that our business will never again expand, i will respond by declaring my own war on slackers." it's written by Dr. Karen Kim of Pooler Pediatrics. Doug Andrews is Kim’s attorney.

"The memo was written by Dr. Kim when she was upset, thinking about the future of her business as many small business owners are concerned about the economy."

Dr. Kim and the office manager refused to talk to us after we were invited to the office for an interview. Later on, we were told that her attorney would clarify the message.

"I think the primary focus of the letter, if you read the middle of it. It says that the concern is with proper patient care."

The middle of the letter, a rant on "slackers" in the office -- slacking getting them in trouble with the v-f-c, vaccines for children, lazy nurses not recording shots in the computer system, slackers only thinking about themselves and not the patients.

"Is this a professional memo that should be handed out to employees? Do you think it is? I'm not, I asked you to answer the question, and I’m not here to answer the question. Well, it's not a memo that Dr, Kim would write again."

“And what about those who work here -- will they feel the repercussions of bringing their concerns to me?”
"I don't see how."

An affiliate station received a copy of a second memo later in the day clarifying. It says, quote:

"Sometimes one's frustration with national politics can spill over into one's frustration with professional issues and that was the case with my recent communication to you of today's date."

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