NAACP reacts to recent Jackson County School District decisions

Out of sight, out of mind: Local students struggle with stability at home

Local committee checks in on how school district spends your tax dollars

Gulf District Schools still asking teachers to pay back bonus money

Local students caught in sex act in the classroom

Fee increases for Bay Base, teacher bonuses and more

Future of new school on the beach is uncertain

Chipola College honors its Coca-Cola Scholars

Bozeman students learn how to budget

One beach school has room to grow, left with empty classrooms

Industry and college representatives gather for an engineering technology forum

School board approves new police officer positions for elementary schools

Bay County student testing schedule

Some students spend vacation focused on education

Local school bus driver recognized for potentially saving child's life

What's for lunch? Local school board debates quality, taste of school food

School Board Headlines: Head lice, charter schools and school lunch

Proposed bill aims to bring "common sense" to Florida's mandated tests

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NBC News Headlines

American Member of Watchdog Group Killed in Ukraine

A U.S. member of European security watchdog OSCE's monitoring mission in eastern Ukraine was killed after a vehicle he was in drove over a mine.

Trump to Host Unusual Meeting With UN Security Council

President Trump will host the UN Security Council at the White House Monday, a highly unusual meeting made even more startling because of President Trump's harsh criticism of the international institution.

American Member of Security Watchdog Killed in Ukraine Explosion

A U.S. member of the OSCE monitoring group was killed when his vehicle drove over a mine while on patrol in Eastern Ukraine.

National Treasure: U.S. Declaration of Independence Discovered in U.K.

Two Harvard researchers have uncovered a more than 200-year-old parchment copy of the Declaration of Independence — sitting in a record office in West Sussex.

Toddler Falls Out of Church Van When Backdoor Swings Open

A 4-year-old girl is said to be in good shape after she fell out of a moving church van. Luckily, a volunteer firefighter was driving behind the van.